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If you are bored with the standard, well-known salads, and you want to put on the table, something original, and at the same time tasty and edible, we offer one option. It – salad "the Sun”. Bright, unusual, spicy – he will become a real decoration of the table. For its preparation does not need many ingredients and time. Today we will look at several recipes of this dish.

The easiest recipe salad

We need: chicken fillet-200 grams, the same – carrots in Korean, orange – one, big. Hard cheese-150 grams, boiled three eggs, chips, round – one bundle, mayonnaise – 200 grams. We begin to prepare our salad “Sun”. The cooled boiled chicken fillet cut into strips. Peeled and partitions the orange neatly cut into pieces and place in bowl along with its juice. Eggs and cheese grate separately on a grater. Chips that whole, put aside for decoration, the rest chop up smaller. sunshine saladWe Spread our salad layers, each of them with mayonnaise: start with chicken, then – carrot, orange, cheese, eggs, the end – chips, mayonnaise is not lubricated. Around ready-made meals, lay out whole chips as the sun's rays. Give two hours to infuse. All can be served salad “Sweetie” on the table.

Recipe “Sun” of meat chicken and vegetables with a quick

Food: 300 grams of meat chicken, three potatoes, three tomatoes, 100 grams of cheese, two peppers, ten black olives, salt and mayonnaise. Begin to prepare. Boil in salted water potatoes and meat, cooled and cut into cubes. Rings cut olives, on a coarse grater three cheese, cut into cubes of one pepper and tomatoes. salad with honey recipeAll the prepared ingredients mix thoroughly, add mayonnaise and mix again. Then spread on a flat plate and decorate with pepper, and yellow. All salad “the Sun" is ready. After 20-30 minutes you can bring to the table.


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“Sweetie” with cod liver

First you need to boil three potatoes and four eggs. Cut the potatoes in small cubes and put in dish. Cut green onions, a bundle doing it the next layer. Take two cans of cod liver, merge them with the liquid, mash the liver and use it for the third layer. On whites and yolks seperate eggs, first RUB on a coarse grater and mix with mayonnaise, small amount. Spread to the liver. Next, grind one can of black olives, pitted necessarily defined by their protein.
Then grate the yolks on a small grater and turning them into another layer. Left to decorate the dish. Take one hundred grams of chips and put them in a circle, like the rays of the sun. Draw on top of the yolks, mayonnaise mesh, and in the empty space put the olive pieces. The salad “Sweetie” chips ready. It remains to give it a brew. For this to be sent to 60 minutes in the refrigerator.

Another recipe for our salad with cod liver

This dish can be prepared very quickly, and it will be a full dinner. The ingredients: cod liver oil – one Bank, four potatoes and eggs, green onion, olives, chips and mayonnaise. Now going to prepare the salad, “Sun”. The recipe is original and delicious the next. Boil the potatoes and eggs. And then another three on a small grater, and the yolk of the egg separately. Cod liver oil mash and mix with green onions, pre-shredded. Olives cut in half. salad recipe honey crispsCollect the salad layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise. The order of layers is: potatoes, cod liver with onion, mixed with mayonnaise grinded a protein yolk. Complete decoration of the salad: spread on top halves of olives, and around – the whole chips. However, some Housewives, using the option of cooking this dish is called a salad, "Sunflower", but, in principle, the essence and taste are not changed.

Latest salad recipe “Sweetie” chips

The appearance of this dish is especially fun for the kids, and a great taste it – all. We will need the following products: mushrooms and chicken breast-300 grams, sweet corn – one Bank, egg, chicken – seven pieces, cheese-150 grams mayonnaise, a bag of chips. Performed preparatory work. Chicken breast boil, waiting for it to cool, cut into pieces small size. A little potseluem, sprinkle special seasoning. Fry the sliced mushrooms. Boil eggs, clean protein separated from the yolks. Next, RUB on a small grater four egg yolks and all the whites and remaining yolks – on major. The cheese is finely grated. salad recipe honey crispsPour the liquid from the corn. The products are prepared, begin to lay out their salad, lubricating each layer of mayonnaise. Make the first layer of chicken breast, the second – from fried mushrooms, third – from eggs, fourth -, cheese -, fifth – the yolks without mayonnaise. The last layer – corn, also no Mayo. Now put the salad in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Before serving, around the “Sun” spread chips, the sun's rays. The salad is ready, you can bring to the table. Bon appetit!


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