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Dough, combined with sour cream and canned cherries make a very delicious cake “Monastyrskaya izba”. The recipe, detailed, easy to understand even for a novice cook. Monastyrskaya izba cake recipePrepare this cake often with frozen cherries, but with fresh berries or cherry compote. You can still mix in the cranberries or currants. Then the cake "Monastyrskaya izba”, the recipe of which we here present, will have a more sour taste. But some small berries to be limited not recommended as the tubes (which replace in this dessert cakes) are flat, and their shape is ugly. To make a cake "Monastyrskaya izba”, the recipe can be slightly modified: instead of the cherry berries to take dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips.

Make the dough

Pounds of pitted cherries pour the sugar (150 g), leave it for an hour. how to make cake Monastyrskaya izbaWhen she allowed the juice to drain. Canned cherry, if you use it, it is necessary to separate from the syrup. Mix 200 g sour cream with a teaspoon of baking powder or soda, whisk the butter with the salt until fluffy, stir in a thin stream Cup of white sugar, add sour cream in small portions, followed flour (350 g). The dough should be soft. It must cool for hours before you cook the cake "Monastyrskaya izba” it should be wrapped in plastic wrap. After cooling, lightly knead, divided into 15 parts from each to make a ball.

Cake "Monastyrskaya izba”. Recipe tubes

Each ball of dough roll out a rectangle.  Monastyrskaya izba cake recipe photoIn the center close to put cherries, drained from juice. Then as tightly as possible stung the edge. Get oblong rolls (15 PCs.). Of them we will collect the cake "Monastyrskaya izba”. Recipe (photo shows how beautiful rolls with a stuffing look on the cut) suggests that they are the same size and bake at the same time. To do this, place them seam down on a baking sheet, the laid parchment. 15 minutes they must spend in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees Celsius.


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Sour cream

Whip the chilled cream with powdered sugar (be careful that the powder was not wet and compacted) in a ratio of two to one. Add the vanilla sugar. Can replace sour cream. The icing sugar can be slightly reduced. Sour cream it is advisable to take thick and greasy. You can also pre-weigh it to improve consistency. To do this, lay it on several layers of cheesecloth, place over a strainer and allow to drain whey. It will take eight to twelve hours. All this time the cream must be fridge. After that the cream is much better to keep shape and easy to vzbivayte.

Build your cake

The Finished rolls cool. Take a wide dish. Put him first 5 tubes. Then, paramasivam cream, lay subsequent layers, each time decreasing the number of tubes by one. You will have the shape of an inverted cone in cross section. On top of the cake, too, spread with cream, sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings.

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