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Now the card holders actively commit various translations. This is due to the convenience of the service. Funds can be send at any time of the day. Non-cash transfer via SMS is available to clients of Sberbank. Enough to know a phone number or card recipient. Money transfer at Sberbank reliable, so it chooses a lot of people.

Types of translation

In the savings Bank operates 2 types of transfers:

  1. Without Bank account. The money is sent to the recipient in the Bank.
  2. Contribution to the contribution.

how to transfer money through Sberbank SMS

Now in demand transfers from card to card. Performed this procedure in several ways. "Sberbank online" allows you to make many financial transactions. The login is performed by using one-time passwords for security purposes. Through your personal account you can perform various operations: transfers to other persons, the payment of loans, and utilities. You can configure the auto payments to replenish the balance of the phone.

The Advantages of cashless transfers

Sberbank offers its customers the following advantages:

  • Speed.
  • Requires only the recipient's phone number;
  • Transfer of funds can be done at any time without visiting the Bank.

Bank transfer by SMS

The Main thing - carefully enter data for transfer. Moreover, the system provides for this possibility, confirming the data of the SMS message, so these transfers safe.

Terms and Conditions

Bank cards have become part of human life. Thanks to them, committed many transactions. To send money in the savings Bank via SMS at the number on the card or phone is very simple. It is sufficient to perform simple actions. The service is available only on the following conditions:


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  1. Map of the recipient and sender have to be plugged into the “phone”. This is done through ATM, online Bank. You can contact the office or call the helpdesk.
  2. On the account must have the required amount.
  3. You Cannot send money to your phone number.
  4. The Card must be a debit. Credit, corporate and virtual such services.
  5. Money transferred in rubles.
  6. How you can transfer money via SMS in the savings Bank? A day will perform operations no more than 10 times and the amount of not more than 8 thousand rubles.

How to transfer money in the savings Bank via SMS? This can be done using phone numbers or maps. Both methods are safe and convenient, only need to consider the limitations.

Card number

How to transfer money in the savings Bank through SMS for the card number? You must perform the following steps:

  1. In the section “share” it is necessary to designate 900.
  2. Line of text is necessary to write: “TRANSLATION 1234 (last 4 digits of the card recipient) 4000 (amount).

SMS to number 900 delivered quickly. Need to wait for the notification in which to enter your code and account details of the recipient. You need to check the details. If everything is correct, then you need to write the code with the symbol “#” at the beginning. The operation is fast, and then both sides received an SMS message with the transfer/withdrawal.

SMS to number 900

If there was a mistake in the card number and the funds went in an unknown direction, to cancel the procedure impossible. In this case you need to contact the recipient by calling on his phone. You might be able to solve this problem.

By phone number

How to transfer money in the savings Bank via SMS to the phone number? This too is a special procedure. In the text it is necessary to write:

  2. Phone Number.
  3. Amount.

Between the data put in the blanks. If you have several cards, savings Bank offers a convenient service that allows you to disable the ability to transfer funds to one of the cards without templates. In this case, too, used 900. In command to designate the word choice – “zero”/“zero”/“null”.

The Client receives SMS and access to the service the quick transfer of funds. To return to their seats should contact the call center. If you send money in the savings Bank through SMS, it will be a safe procedure. The number 900 is available to all operators.


How to transfer money in the savings Bank via SMS, if you need to quickly perform the operation? If you frequently transfers are carried out to specific people we can bring in a simplified system. For the recipient, you need to think of a name that is tied to his phone number.

send money via SMS Sberbank

The number 900 is sent, the message "CALL 1000000000 IRA”, where the figures – the number. Then you need to transfer funds by sending a “IRA 500”. You can then regularly transfer funds without the constant input of money. How much can you transfer money via SMS? Per day limit is not more than 8000 rubles.

Personal account

To transfer funds must:

  1. To Visit your personal Cabinet.
  2. Click on “transfer” and then select the lender.

This Will open a new page where you fill in the information. It identifies the methods by which funds have been transferred (phone number, account or card). You must choose a convenient way, filling in important information.


Using your card you can quickly transfer funds:

  1. To Visit the translations.
  2. Choose "transfer funds”.
  3. Enter the card number or account.
  4. To Check the details.
  5. Click “Confirm”.

how much can you transfer money via SMS Sberbank

After that, will be given a card and a check, which must be maintained until admission. Funds are transferred very quickly.


Sometimes SMS comes: “the Operation failed". The reason for the deviation could be the lack of connected services for the recipient or it is not in templates. Transfers by card over the phone can be held with the Commission.

Recommendation on non-cash translation

  1. It is Better to use convenient and mobile transfers via online services.
  2. If you need to transfer funds in the long trip, connect «Sberbank Online”, “Mobile banking”. There is also a mobile app.
  3. If you can recharge the card or account in another country, you will be charged a fee. The size should be clarified in advance.

Registration card

To make transfers, you must issue the card. She should be the recipient. The characteristics of the card include:

  1. The Logos of Visa or MasterCard.
  2. Can be opened in roubles, Euro and dollars.
  3. Available for 3 years, after which renewal is required.
  4. Maintenance costs 900 rubles in 1 year, then 600 rubles.
  5. You Can purchase additional cards.

To Make the plastic can be an adult citizen of the Russian Federation. Get a card at a branch Bank. It is possible to order it with my design. You need to take a passport. The Department will offer an application. You will need to sign the papers for registration of a Bank product.

send money via SMS Sberbank

The production takes 7-45 days. This term includes the transportation. When the card is ready, it shall notify the client. Getting a contract is signed, which is given PIN code. Map of the savings Bank has many advantages. At any time you can send funds to other parties.


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