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Everyone wants to start working for yourself, but this usually requires large financial investments. To open your own business, the necessary initial capital, which, as a rule, no one. In this case it is more logical to apply for a loan in the financial institution.

loan business plan

However the banks do not always give credit to the business plan from scratch. However, in some organizations there are special programs for such borrowers.

Basic requirements

Before you apply for a loan under the business plan, you must carefully prepare. First and foremost, the Bank representative will ask about what kind of strategy will emerge as future activities of start-UPS. The document must be prepared in detail as possible. In the business plan for the loan, you specify the structured information, according to which the Bank can be confident in this project.

In addition, for obtaining loans of this type required a Deposit, which you can use private property or other valuable property. You will also need the account opening in the selected Bank. If the entrepreneur at the time of registration of documents employed, the income statement helps to get a positive response. Of course, you can try to receive a loan under the business plan without a Deposit, but in this case, the chance for approval of the application is greatly reduced.

It is Also worth considering that these loans are only given to those who have excellent credit history. In addition, loans are not issued to people who have a criminal record.

credit under the business plan from scratch

It is Worth considering that the main criterion for the loan under the business plan is the solvency of the borrower. If he has no income or some valuable property that can be mortgaged, the Bank is more profitable not to risk it. So, before you leave the old work, it is necessary to think about what might much better apply, having a permanent place of employment.


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It is also worth considering that small business lending has a more rigid conditions, when compared with consumer loans. Therefore, if the initial capital does not require too large amounts of funds, it may be much easier to get the consumer no-purpose loan. Consider step-by-step recommendations that will help to take the credit under the business plan. And we should start with the most important.

Business plan

The fact that primarily the strategy for the development of a new organization is needed not only for the Bank to have it verified that the enterprise will bring profits, but also for the budding entrepreneur. Without this document it is impossible to calculate and even more to justify the costs that will require the selected business.

This paper should contain a minimum of 10 pages which will include all costs for opening a business. You need to specify the possible costs, the number of employees who will be involved in the process, vendors and more. And most importantly - all competently to calculate and substantiate actual figures, estimated revenue.

redit under the business plan in Sberbank

After studying these basics, a loan business plan to make very risky.

Collateral and guarantors

This is the second point that draws the attention of a Bank employee when issuing such loan. If a person has collateral, it will become a reliable guarantee that in the event of bankruptcy of a novice businessman all funds will be returned to the Bank.

It is Also worth considering that through collateral the loan rate will be significantly reduced. As collateral, you can use a property (apartment, house or land), transportation, any securities, equipment, etc.

get credit under the business plan

To be sure to get credit under the business plan, it is best to use the legal entity that will act as a guarantor.

Credit history

This is a very important caveat, as in any Bank when making a loan is always checked previous activities of the borrower in respect of financial organizations. So you need to make sure that you have a budding entrepreneur successfully closed all previous credits and was not charged with penalties.


In Addition to the business plan and the basic documents proving the identity of the borrower, it is necessary to provide absolutely all the paperwork that may one way or another to relate to the future project. Also very helpful when obtaining a loan is the availability of ready-made licenses, and other licensing papers on a particular activity in which the person plans to do.

Additional documentation

In Addition to the main paper, you will need to provide the internal passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and any second document that can confirm the identity of the borrower. As a rule, as it was used.

It is Also desirable to provide a certificate of registration of IP or open joint stock companies. It is useful extract from EGRUL. However, she should be pretty fresh. Also, experts recommend to stand on the account in tax Department and obtain a license or permit.

loan business plan no Deposit

Selecting a Bank and loan programs

Today, there are a huge number of various proposals for obtaining loans of this type. Of course, every client wants to choose exactly the program that will be most profitable.

In the first place for a loan under the business plan it is necessary to address in that Bank where the citizen of the Russian Federation has already the account was opened or in the presence of a pension or a salary card.

When choosing a financial organization pay attention to its independent rating. The easiest way is to go to the official website of RA “Expert”.


When all documents are collected and the business plan of details is prepared, it is time to go to the official website of the selected Bank and fill the application online. Or you can apply directly to the Department of financial institutions and to execute all documents personally.

The Data you need to specify as accurately as possible, as in the case of any error in a Bank employee may doubt that the borrower is trying to deceive him.

After that comes consideration of the application, which may take from several days to two weeks depending on the Bank. Then, the client contacts the financial officer of the organization and invites him to sign the contract.

Conclusion of the contract

Before signing any documents, no matter what kind of financial organization called a budding entrepreneur, he must carefully and thoroughly study the paper given to him. More attention should be paid to the final interest rate on the loan. If it is not specified, then there is a big risk to pay twice. Also pay attention to the payment schedule, which should be fairly easy and fully meet the capabilities of the client.

credit under the business plan in Rosselkhozbank

Obtaining funds and starting a business

At the final stage, after signing the contract, can only obtain the funds on the settlement account or in cash. Also many banks have the option, according to which funds can be automatically transferred to the account of sellers, suppliers or any other persons involved in a business project.

Where to register

According to the opinion of experienced businessmen, it is best to contact the Bank of Russia. Sberbank has more than 70% of the population. In this financial organizations you can apply for a loan how to individuals and businesses.

In addition, > redit business plan in Sberbank is issued on very favourable conditions. In this financial institution has a program of trust, under which you can get money to open a small or medium business. In this case, clients can count on a loan up to 60 million rubles at an annual rate of 16.5%. The minimum amount of credit is 30 million rubles. Also in the Bank there are other existing programs that may suit customers.

business plan for the loan

Also, many people recommend to receive a loan under the business plan «agricultural Bank». In this case, the minimum interest rate of 9.5%. The minimum loan is $ 10 million. To repay the debt, the borrower is given 3 years.

Of Course, you can find other organizations that offer the best conditions for budding entrepreneurs. The main thing that the Bank was reliable.


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