The monthly allowance for a child, tips and recommendations.


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In Russia, all citizens who have children eligible for monthly benefits from the state. The state continues to take care of the new generation. In this regard, a new law about benefits for the baby. To get it, one parent on each of the children living together with him. Right for granting of the benefit depends on the size of income for each of the family members.

The Monthly allowance for a child: documents and terms.

Funding of benefits at the expense of budget funds of different levels. The benefit is paid to all citizens of Russia and foreign citizens residing on the territory of Russia if they have their registration or residence permit. It is appointed after treatment in bodies of social protection. The application must be filed not later than six months from the date of birth.

If you have applied more than six months, the allowance will be paid only for the previous six months. Monthly child allowance is payable until the age of sixteen, but the repayment period can be extended. Currently entitled to a monthly child benefit depends on financial status of the family.

The Monthly child allowance. 2012 – changes in connection with the index maintenance payments and child care.

Since January 2012 provides for the indexation of state child benefits. Indexation only applies to lump sum payments for the birth of the child. These benefits are paid by the employer. If mom and dad did not work at the time of birth of the child, the benefits paid to the bodies of social protection of the population.


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To assign benefits, the application, which indicates that parents do not work and a certificate from the civil registry office about the birth of the child. Adopted a new procedure of calculation of the lump sum. It is possible to increase the amount of the benefit. Now the woman herself can choose what method suits her better, and to choose the most appropriate for her.

Every month benefit, and for child care must accrue at least 40% of earnings. The grant can be assigned to the mother or father of a newborn baby. The monthly child allowance shall be paid to the place of work, which is essential for any parent during the period of payment of wages. The list of documents necessary for calculation and payment of benefits can be found in the accounting Department of the enterprise. If the child's parents were not working at the time of the birth of a baby, the necessary documents are in bodies of social protection of the population. If the father of the family at the time of birth of the child is on military conscription, then the child of the soldier is assigned a monthly allowance . For this there is a certificate from the military Commissariat.

When documents of bodies of social protection of the population checks the correctness of all documents and advise parents on matters arising from them. The allowance for single mothers increased by 100%. Bodies of social protection of the population are obliged to make a decision associated with the allocation and payment of benefits within ten days from the date of submission of all documents and statements from one of the parents. Due to the fact that the payment of benefits depends on family income, has to annually submit income certificate in social welfare agencies.

The Benefit is determined independently of other social payments on the child. If you're denied monthly child benefit, you must send notice within five days from the moment of the decision and send all the documentation that was attached to the application. The notice must specify the reasons for the refusal. The Commission's decision may be appealed within thirty days.

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