How to choose a quality leather jacket


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 Leather jacket - an indispensable and stylish garment in cool or rainy weather.

Selecting it, you need to consider several features. You should pay attention to the manufacturer of the jacket. Finland, England and Italy are considered leaders in the list of the best and quality products from this category. But now, even big-name designer companies are shifting their production to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and from this,it should be noted,the quality does not suffer-because you have created the departments of quality that keep track of all production and monitor strict compliance with the specified technologies and standards. What is clear is that a leather jacket the most important feature is the skin, because it depends on the durability of the product. The best choice for leather jacket will be Sheep or calfskin,processed pork skin - it is soft enough but its quality is unquestionable. There are also jackets from Buffalo, raw pork skin and the skin of the bull, but it has its disadvantages, which do not attract buyers.

Choosing a quality leather jacket need to carefully examine her. If you have a painting or special treatment, obligatory step when choosing will be the test, should be lightly on the inside of the jacket to RUB her white cloth - stains or not. A quality leather jacket is a jacket that is made and manufactured carefully, without scratches, loose threads, cracks and other external defects. Another important step when choosing a jacket is to check the lining, stitching and buttons. Choose a style of leather jacket you need according to your preferences,tastes and characteristics of the shape. But there are classic models: jacket-jacket, leather jackets-to suit all and decorate without exception, any girl. Having donned the jacket once it becomes clear whether it is suitable or not. Undoubtedly, this affects the correct size,this will help the sales consultants of the shop or you yourself can determine the length of the sleeves and the fit of the shoulders, and the color of the product-here it is as they say, the result on the face,choose the color tone and color scheme close to you,to your natural color palette: this eye color,and skin tone,and hair color. And then, perfectly matched jacket will adorn You and an indispensable companion for "fashion" life. Therefore, its purchase – no doubt, the choice in favor of practicality and style.

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