Victims of fashion. Clothes by age. How to be stylish and fashionable?


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The Beauty of – concept, as you know, is relative. Because for everyone it means something different: someone wants to be different to those that nature has given, and someone who strictly follows fashion, sometimes reaching to extremes. In this article I want to tell you about who are the victims of fashion and what you need to do to join this category of people.

fashion victims in history

A Little history

As already was said above, beauty is for everyone. And in every age the canons of it with something different. Moreover, varied, they, even according to the place of residence of people. Interestingly, this concept emerged in the XVIII century. Then the "fashion victim" called the girls, which in severe frost ran into the street in a chiffon dress, so just to show off. "Why sacrifice?" – can occur is a logical question. And all because often the data is beauty has pneumonia, which at that time was still an incurable disease.

Now it is necessary to delve a little into history. As for Europe, the middle ages, a woman had to be thin and exhausted, to appear beautiful (austerity – the main rule of the Catholic Church of those times). In the Renaissance, those were considered girls who were not afraid to get naked (the cult of the body) and had a curvy shape. A little later a beautiful lady had to have a pale thin face – this distinguishes the rich and noble women from the commoners. However, summing up a little, I want to say that almost all of it is unnatural, harmful to health. Women who followed this fashion, it can be called victims.


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Historical fashion victims – also ladies-women of the African tribes that stretched their necks, wearing them on the ring after ring (the ring could be removed, and then the neck broke – sometimes husbands punished their wives for certain misdemeanors). Many tribes and peoples, it was customary to deform the skulls of infants to acquire the desired shape (this was easy, because kids bones are very mobile and susceptible strains). In the story there are people with elongated heads – acrocephaly, skulls triangular forms – trigonocephaly, etc. Another fashion victims in history – Chinese women, who for a long time deformed themselves of the foot to appear more attractive and valuable in the market of brides. Such feet were called "Lotus", and the smaller they were, the better. However, the deformation process and achieve this that's questionable was very painful, and in great anguish.

fashion victims


Today there are also girls – fashion victims, although modern ugliness associated not only with changes of his own body, but just with the style of clothing. Why is this happening? It's simple. Fashion in its purpose was not created for all people who walk the earth. So many outfits and dresses that participate in high fashion shows, really are not only uncomfortable to wear, but not very beautiful. But now, after seeing another edition of fashion shows, the girl decides: 'll look fashionable if you wear that outfit. And runs to the seamstress. This is a huge mistake, because there are fashion victims who become perfect example of how not to do (after all, the tall, thin model outfit will look completely different than on a short, plump).

This is, for example, can touch and cosmetics. Bright make-up for photo session – a great way. But if the girl make up yellow eye shadows, they will choose pink lipstick and go outside, it will look at least strange, and, of course, ugly.

fashion victim photo

The Body

Often, a fashion victim trying to change thanks to plastic surgery, strictly following the canons of beauty. Large Breasts, large lips, large eyes – all this is now very important. But only if all of it was given by nature. But sometimes in the pursuit of beauty a lady does not understand that in this way not only cripples himself, but also ruin their own health. How not to remember how important and fashionable to be thin! In this quest ladies have a tendency to overreact, pushing himself to a half-dead state, and acquiring such a disease as anorexia. To cope with the latter, incidentally, is not so easy.

Freak or fashion victim?

However, not all people can be called a fashion victim. It is worth saying that if a person has a certain style and stick with it, it could be called extravagance, eccentricity (however, this applies to a greater extent people of show business, rather than ordinary citizens). It is worth saying also that there is a style "fashion victim", which can stress the personality. Such people include the newsmaker Sergei Zverev, outfits which sometimes staggering, however, to completely create his own star style. The same can be said about Lyudmila Gurchenko, who in the pursuit of youth sometimes was just too much molodimi her outfits, however, so she created a particular style of clothing.

Clothing by age

 style fashion victim

What else can so to spoil a woman, to be counted among the list of "fashion Victim"? The photo suggests that this is enough even to wear outfits for his age. And if a girl wants to look older is to put on a more rigorous and classical clothes – that's nothing. But when the middle-aged lady wearing red skirt-pleating and a cropped top that ends just below Breasts – it's just ugly. The same can be said of the ladies, who imagined themselves to Barbie, even regardless of age. Such women can hardly be called beautiful and, most likely, can be attributed to the fashion victim.


Why sometimes girls are so zealous that they become victims of fashion? Psychologists say that the main problem of such ladies – self-doubt, dissatisfaction with their own appearance. They try to compensate with clothes or various other support resources.

How to look fashionable and stylish?

Are There certain tips on how to avoid the fate of called ‘fashion victim"? Of course. So, there are three main rules, following which, the girl will never join the ranks of the dubious beauties. The first of them: do not unconditionally follow the advice of fashion magazines. All because a certain outfit does not suit all types of shapes. Not having the experience choosing the right outfits can be a good to fly and become at least ugly.

girls fashion victims

The Second rule: entering a fashion boutique, do not need to rush on promotional items or items at a discount just to buy clothes “Dior”. Often on sale make a collection of past years or what at this point becomes irrelevant.

And the last rule is the most important: no need to be afraid of bold experiments. Only in finding yourself and your style, you can find what you want and what you like. And, of course, it is worth remembering that not everything that adorns a woman, offering fashion designer on the runway.

Gianni Versace fashion victim


And for those interested in fashion designers, you can view the film “Gianni Versace: fashion victim». However, here it goes, unfortunately, is not on the path to glory all the famous couturiers, about his murder. Why it happened, who is to blame and why, today, the crime becomes one of the ways to become famous – that is what will tell the frames of the film.


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