Lacquered bag: rules for the selection, care, advice stylists


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The Choice of bags – the responsible thing for every fashionista. This accessory is not only decorative, but also practical. The bag should be both compact and roomy, and in addition, to match the color and style with your favorite clothes, so you can use it to create different images.

lacquer bag

Varnish bag – a thing that requires a special approach. It will look beautiful and Grand, if you follow a few important rules when choosing a model and its further exploitation. But ignoring some simple guidelines may result in the deterioration of quality bags that will definitely affect the whole way.

Selection Rules

Bags for women lacquer – the majority of capricious things that require care. When choosing this accessory, first and foremost, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Genuine leather is a leader in fabrics and no leatherette can't be compared to it.

Inspect the hardware. Note that skin contact with the metal parts eventually stain and scratch her. If the edges of the eyelets or linings is severe, you return the bag to the seller and look for another model. Substandard polishing and any defect metal fittings will inevitably lead to damage.bags for women lacquer

Important and lining. You don't want your beautiful patent purse sticking out shredded thread? Pay attention to all the nuances when buying because of the detail in this thing does not happen.

Latest colors

Black patent bag – the main applicant for a rank of the universal accessory. She lends understated solemnity and emphasizes the delicate taste of the owner. Besides, this accessory will blend in with many things – from evening dresses to denim overalls with ripped knees.


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Lacquered beige color bag this season promises to be a real hit. Calm beige goes well with the vast majority of colors-from bright to pastel. The outflow of precious glossy leather gives this color a special charm.

black patent handbag

White high gloss bag – a real luxury. Acquiring such a thing, think about how much you are prepared to take care of it. It requires care more than any other. The fact that the white patent leather has a tendency to stain in shades of those things with which it comes into contact. Regular wiping and handling special tool will solve this problem. But to put the matter to chance in any case impossible.

Bag Red patent leather – a serious bid for victory in the nomination "Fatal beauty". This accessory draws attention, catches the eye. Red bags, especially lacquer, require a scrupulous look. Don't go overboard with the details, better stick to one bright accent. Not worth the risk and with size: best to choose the clutch bag or purse-an envelope than a sparkling red bag.

How to care

Regularly wipe the handbag with a soft cloth or sponge. Is suitable for this purpose melamine sponge or bamboo bags

If found on the surface of the lacquer contamination in the first place try to eliminate it by chemical means and not mechanical. For this it is best to use soap. Do not take chances with aggressive solvents such as white or liquid varnish remover. But organic chemistry can apply. Before you wipe the surface of the bags, test the tool on some of the details hidden from view.

Tips stylists: what to wear with a lacquer bag

The First thing worth mentioning about what absolutely can not do. In the first place of anticonventional – the things from patent leather or shiny fabrics, in varying degrees, similar to lacquer the skin. This tandem will look even provincial in the province. What can we say about the modern city?lacquer bag

Do Not be too successful and, combined with shiny accessories. Quite contrary to popular belief, lacquered bag has no need of such addition, as patent leather boots or sandals. It is better to select the suede, leather or textile.

Lacquer bag, especially the small size, in perfect harmony with strong suits in business style, bringing in a strict way needed zest. And of course, this accessory can be ideal for a campaign in theatre or restaurant. Complete evening outfit lacquer luxurious handbag and don't be surprised goggle-women's attitudes and smiles of the men.

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