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Stylists joke that there is no more French colors than gray. It is only at first glance may seem to some to be boring and humdrum, and actually adds a refinement and sophistication. With this color you can emphasize and highlight more vivid and expressive details of the image. And total gray remains relevant for many years. The subject is simply inexhaustible, and hardly ever go out of fashion.

grey boots

Grey boots can be attributed to the basic wardrobe. This color blends with most shades of the spectrum, it is easy to pick up the details. From it is not easier on the eyes, it is not boring. Main – to choose their perfect pair of shoes that will be comfortable.

Combined colors

Boots grey can be worn with black and white clothing and also with any bright shades: purple, Canary yellow, emerald green and even Royal red. In order not to overload the image, select vivid detail, which will put the main accent. For example, it can be a bright knitted dress or spectacular skins juicy hue. With the help of laconic stylish shoes you'll be able to create a “background”.

boots gray

Fine tune the shades of the named color with milky beige. And grey boots are perfectly suited to blue and blue jeans.

Boots, gloves, bag

The fashionable women of the past, pondering what to wear with grey boots, first thought about the bag in the same tone. Today is not only not mandatory, but is even considered in some degree of taste.

winter boots grey

If you choose light gray boots, you can safely choose a bag or clutch for a couple of shades darker. Good bag gray color with a floral or geometric print. A great idea can be even contrasting. The main condition – details of the wardrobe should be in harmony among themselves.


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Total Gray

If you plan to create a bold look in grey, don't even try to pick up details, matching each other in color. Looks much more interesting combination of clothes and accessories in one color, but different in hue and saturation. Do not forget about the textures. For example, these suede grey boots the mouse color to complement a cardigan, poncho or dress knit lighter shade. And a bag of textured leather will add effortless way of expression.

what to wear with grey boots

Unusual model of boots

Gray often uses in his collections the maker of the popular winter footwear UGG. So often that this color was a hit. These shoes are simply a versatile – it is suitable to many models of outerwear for the cold weather. Pick her bright jacket or a stylish coat of tanned sheepskin, natural color and will always look spectacular.

 grey boots

No less effective winter boots grey from natural or artificial fur. Stylists are advised to emphasize in the image on this thing, combining it with the more understated details. You should not wear such shoes and long coat or a fur coat-it will look far from harmonious. Wide-leg trousers or a skirt to the floor – too.

The best option for spectacular fur boots grey – it is a form fitting dark grey pants or blue jeans. Sometimes they can create very striking images, combining the aforementioned shoes with short skirts or hot shorts. In this case, to complement the image can be still and gaiters.

Grey boots to casual and office wardrobe

Business style preference is shoes or ankle boots a classic shape. Boots are acceptable for outdoor events in the cold season, when meeting with the partners takes place, for example, in a restaurant or coffee shop. But if for some reason you want to change the boots at work, choose a model with a comfortable fit, block heel and not too wide shaft. Hidden platform in the company of studs-not the best option for business wardrobe, and in combination with a strict dress code, they are simply unacceptable.

what goes gray

Casual street style scope for experimentation is quite wide. In regions with a temperate continental climate gray boots you can wear with almost 9 months of the year. Shoes grey color looks stylish and appropriate in most situations-the theatre, the journey, on a date, walk around the shops.

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