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Norwegian brand “Viking” is the true benchmark of quality contemporary footwear. The company's products are able to withstand dampness and any negative temperature. All models come in original and stylish design. They perfectly combine durability, comfort and aesthetics. Excellent quality - what differentiates products under the brand name “Viking”.

The Shoes only gets positive. This demonstrates its ability to satisfy even the most critical and demanding customers. The history of the brand began in 1920 And since then, the manufacturers of shoes of this brand produce only quality products.Viking shoes

The New models are tested in advance. They are tested for all varieties of the Norwegian landscape in any season of the year. For the convenience of walking shoes and boots company “Viking” are made with a comfortable fit and non-slip soles. Thanks to this footwear you can trust in any situation. At the same time in any weather feet will be cozy, dry and warm in all models of the firm “Viking”.

Shoes. Reviews of children's patterns

Boots and shoes for kids must be waterproof and warm. The children engaged in the game in the fresh air, often simply do not notice that the legs they have a cold. On the right shoes for your child should take care of the parents. The selected model should sit comfortably and not RUB. The founders of the company “Viking” well aware of what is needed by the children, creating comfortable and warm shoes.


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Produced by termobotinki able to withstand extreme cold (-40 degrees). These models are made from polyurethane, which is filled with millions of tiny air bubbles. This material is able to provide excellent insulation and ease of the Shoe. In the production of terminating only high-quality polyurethane is applied by the company “Viking”.

Shoes. Reviews about the main advantages

In the production of rubber models use natural rubber. With this substance technology companies began developing overshoes for the rainy days. It is durable and extremely flexible material, which allows you to create high-quality products of the company “Viking”.shoes Viking winter

The inside lining on all models consists of wear-resistant and warm material. In its composition seventy percent of synthetic fibres and the thirty - wool. Footbed models is the company “Viking” always removable. This allows you to speed up the process of drying.

The model of ‘Thermo’, developed especially for cold Northern areas, is lightweight and waterproof. The material from which they are made, durable and does not crack. Produced and seamless model of the company «Viking" shoes, which confirm its higher quality.

Membrane model

The Company “Viking” was one of the first to use in the manufacture of shoes one of the latest developments. We are talking about the membrane “GORE-TEX®”, which brought stunning success. It allows you to:

  • Feel the comfort not only outdoors but also indoors;
  • To prevent overheating of the feet;
  • Provide excellent conductivity and moisture control, and waterproof protection.

Shoes «Viking" (winter) equipped with a membrane with additional insulation functions. This allows you to feel comfortable even during active rest. Its three layer sole is very stable and provides excellent grip.

How to pick shoes “Viking”? Dimensional grid has a certain gradation. When buying children's models to measure the foot length of your baby. The value of 13.7 cm corresponds to a twentieth of the size. The change in size occurs with increasing length of the foot by 0.5 cm, 21-th size is 14.3 cm, etc., the largest children's size - 38. It corresponds to the foot length 25 cm

Viking shoes size chartWomen's size chart starts at 35-th dimension. It corresponds to the foot length 21.5 cm Further gradation of sizes and lengths is increased by 0.5. So, the 35.5 size is 22 cm, etc., and 40th - 26.5 cm.

The Size of the men's models begin with the 39th. They correspond to foot length 25 cm Then grading the same female size. So, 39,5 size fits 25.5 cm length of the foot. The largest mens shoes 48-th size. It corresponds to 34 cm length of foot.

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