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A Coat is the classic type of outerwear suitable for cold period of the year. Changeable fashion in different times, pay close attention to those or other kinds: all kinds of jackets, raincoats, down jackets, coats. And only coat with an enviable constancy have always been popular among fans of strict or formal wear. Styles models change from season to season, becoming more diverse and functional. The length of the products is also subject to regular changes.


In order to protect people from the cold, a coat sewn from fabrics containing in its composition of natural wool. Winter, spring and autumn wardrobe is not updated very often, and that daily thing didn't become bothersome, its appearance can vary with additional elements. One of the ways of decorating clothing and more emphasis on the figure is the belt.

how to tie a belt on the coatUsually, this piece of outerwear is a waist, but allowed a little to shift the line to draw attention to the chest or visually lengthen the figure. There are many ways to tie a belt on the coat. With the help of this accessory you can change the overall impression of the shapes and outlines of the outfit. Strict straight-leg silhouette, transformed into a slim product, and trapezoidal cloak becomes luxuriant folds.

How to tie a belt at coat

Initially, the belt used only for its intended purpose – they are used for tying clothes for easy wearing and keep warm. Wore them mostly men, often attaching the bags of money and various household stuff, necessary work. Girding clothes with a strap. Main difference from the belt is that the strap has a special buckle-the buckle and is produced of thick materials like leather.


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ways of tying the belt on the coat

Today's designers relentlessly develop all kinds of model accessories using different materials and combining them together. Today in fashion narrow leather belts and wide belts with different buckles. In addition to the known buckle, you can fasten the belt with buttons, hidden zippers, Velcro or hooks of the original. Looks very unusual decoration in the form of several mixed colors narrow straps. They can be placed parallel to each other at the waist, and it is possible to cross between them. Long belt allow you to do a lot of manipulation to produce unusual method of tying a knot. Bowls allowed any width, depending on the tastes and preferences.

Denote the waist

Fashion Designers offer a variety of options of how beautiful tie belt on the coat, denoting this element waist line. For demi-season models of a light fabric is best suited satin product. If you sew it out of fabric in a dark wash, and tie the waist in a bow, it will hide excessive fullness of the female figure. Depending on the structure of the fabric bow can be different: lush, flat, double, fantasy.

coat with belt at waistIn Order to look stylish, not enough to know how to tie a belt on the coat. You also need to understand how to adequately decorate it to get updated clothes in the spirit of current fashion trends. Narrow leather strap, nicely knotted in the middle figure, will be a beautiful addition to the winter apparel. First, it needs to fasten in the traditional way, then the free end of the wrap a few times around the belt. You can also the end of the strap to tighten in a spiral and tuck in for paascu. Another version of how to tie a belt on a coat in an unusual way. Not buckling on his belt, his tie a simple knot, and then the free end to thread into the buckle and lock.

Paascu on the trench coat or raincoat it is better to tie a little sloppy, not a surface node. But this deliberate sloppiness will give the product a special charm.

One of the oldest accessories women's clothing – handkerchief – is the center of fashion trends. Options for the use of its great variety. In addition to traditional appointments, the scarf can serve as a scarf, a shawl, a Cape, you can sew a skirt. It gives the appearance of special originality and flair. Unusually will look coat with belt at waist, made of a handkerchief. Shawl to tie the usual knot a little bit lowering it to the hip line. Twisted shawl can be fixed on waist with buckle. If a big light shawl to throw on top, then one end should be placed at the shoulder and the other to get under the clasp of the belt.

beautiful tie belt on the coatVarious ways of tying the belt on the coat significantly diversify wardrobe and give great scope to the imagination. Wide corsage always draws attention to itself, so do not further aggravate his bows and double knots. It will be enough to fasten the belt so that one end was longer than the other, and you get a graceful accent at the waist.


The Original looks like on top of the clothes the old sash. The widest part of the belt can be positioned in a traditional way in front and you can turn her on her back. In this case, the node will be located at the rear. Sash is suitable for slender and slim women, emphasizes the eleganceshape.


Deciding how to tie the belt on the coat, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of colors and textures of fabrics.

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