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Men of ancient times wore jewelry. In ancient times they were the main indicator of the status, occupy in society the status and solvency of men. The closer to the present, the gold chains for men were close to jewelry than to the simple mark of distinction.

There Was a time in Russian history when gold chains the attitude was ambiguous due to the so-called «new Russian», who liked to wear chains to demonstrate their success. Most of the people like kitsch is not accepted.

Recently, However, gold chains for men once again became popular. Now they are stylish sufficient sophistication and obvious design skills. This is not the “chain”, and chains that are gaining more respect by both men and women designed to appreciate the beautiful.

Today, no chain stylish, subtle flashing in the strict collar of a shirt or the neckline of pullover the almost inconceivable image of a successful man. While jewelry is a really pleasing variety of design and used materials.

According to the rules of etiquette, the man is absolutely entitled to wear and a massive chain. However, it must be respected literate style consistent with the General image of men. The main thing - sense of proportion and style. Not to seem like a snob to others, should choose quality chain solid performance and is quite simple in concept.

Gold chains for men great and held solid men  and young people taking their first steps in the serious world of adults. And much depends on chain models. It is a symbol of a certain status, well-being and even wealth. It is therefore important when choosing a chain do not overdo it: one should not rush to massive and heavy products. They are not always able to help the owner to look in the best light, even if you are fabulous money.


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Quite often, gold chains for men are used as the basis for original pendants, cross, pendant with the sign of the zodiac. For example, any man, regardless of birth date, suitable gold pendant lion.

The Chain consists of many links which connect among themselves in a certain way and are secured with a lock and a crown ring. Chains are manufactured from gold wire of different thickness. A separate loop circuit can carry various pictures. In addition, types of gold chains differ in the method of coupling loops, a style of decorative treatment, features a combination of loops in a single flight.

This loop can be simple (round), oval or elongated. They can also be a figure occupying one plane or several, curving between complex units. In any case, the loop should be symmetrical. One link loops are the same size or different and can also vary in form. In General, the chain in the form of goth represents the same type of recurring combinations of connected links.

Weaving chains of gold can be of three types: anchor, curb or the "Bismarck". Particularly popular today, chain, implemented the combined technique using the so-called fancy weaving.

The anchor variant of weaving brings together the units, which are located in perpendicular planes, armored – in the same plane, "Bismarck" - several types of links that are intricately woven together.

The Combined netting combines the tangle of links, which uses several types of traditional weaving. The fantasy type has a more complex form of weaving than the others.

The Classic types, characteristic weaving chains, are divided into subspecies. Anchor netting – circuit “Cartier”, “Rollo”, “marine chain”; “Bismarck" is of the subspecies called “Aminata”; the fantasy includes “Royal circuit" weave type “Love”, “Snail”, “Bird's eye” and others.

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