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It's No secret that shoes are the most comfortable and practical shoes for every day. They can be worn both in spring and dry autumn. What can we say about summer! In the summer no light ballet shoes simply can not live. They seem to have been always relevant, and in our time their choice is so great that you can select them for hours. Recently special popularity began to use ballet shoes with spikes. What is the secret of their success?

ballet flats with spikes

Like any other flats, so their version has a flat sole. Moreover, they are easy and convenient. The main difference from other models, as you might guess, is their decor – for the thorns. Fans of the classic Shoe can jeopardize the appearance of ballet shoes, considering that it would be better to decorate the shoes with bows or ruffles.

In fact, in the 21st century, the urge to experiment in the field of fashion is the norm, it is not surprising that the spikes on such a seemingly feminine shoes were welcomed very friendly.

ballet flats with studs photoBallet Flats with spikes appeared not very long ago. In fashion they came only in 2013, when the Shoe designers decided “relocate” thorns from the soles to the upper part of the Shoe. Oddly enough, it looks like this option is very feminine and interesting: it emphasizes the beauty of the female feet and features an individual style fashionista. Not just such shoes have been seen on Hollywood stars that may have caused the spread of this fashion trends.

Ballet Flats with studs (pictured right) perfectly match with various clothes. The main thing-correctly to pick up color (of shoes and spikes), jewelry size and shape of the Shoe. If, for example, spikes are not very large and combined with some decor for a bright and light ballet flats, they can be worn under light summer dress. Black ballet flats with big spikes – the selection of girls who like “rock” style. Variants – of the mass, and surely every girl will be able to choose a Shoe specifically for yourself.


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ballet flats with studs 2013

What to wear With ballet flats with the spikes?

The formidable appearance – just a first impression after meeting with the shoes. In fact, it fits almost all the things that today you can find in the wardrobe of the average girl. Ideal – to complement ballet flats with studs leather jacket. Try to keep the color of lightning combined with the color of thorns.

As already noted, will fit this shoes and a summer dress. This option will look very bold and original. At least, unnoticed girl will not. This image can be supplemented with studded bracelet or a “rough earrings”.

Fit ballet shoes with studs and jeans which are considered to be a versatile article of clothing. Well, if the jeans are metal fasteners or rivets. You can try to find ballet shoes for different styles of these pants, as different girls will suit different styles.

It may seem odd, but cases of successful combination of ballet shoes with spikes with narrow skirts is also possible! If done correctly, you will create a feminine and delicate look. Whichever option you choose, remember that shoes with spikes 2013 – a great choice for those who love style and comfort. Be in fashion!

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