Participial and adverbial-participial turnover: exercises, rules, punctuation marks


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Many students ask: what is the participle and gerund, what is the difference between participial and adverbial-participial turnover? Exercises to find separate definitions and circumstances presented in the article. It also provides information about the forms of the verb. Involved and adverbial-participial turnover exercise

Verbs and special verb forms

The Verb is in the language leading part of the speech, which informs about the processes and actions happening around. Together with the noun it is included in the grammatical framework of the sentence: The Boy swims. The house is built; and one verb sentences independently of their predictive basis: See! Look. It was too late. Call him. gerund and participial turnover

If we consider sentences with involved and adverbial-participial turnover, you will notice that they contain several words that reflect the process, participles or gerunds. And those and others are verbal forms, the participle is similar to an adjective, has the same paradigm of declension and answering questions adjectives: what kind? what? and others, and the gerund with an adverb, as also is the invariant part of the speech, and answers the basic questions about adverbs: how? how?

Participles are formed from verbs using the suffix -arg-,-.-, -usch-,-yusch-, -HS-, -s-, -Ann-, -NN-, -t-: A flashy, looking, carrying, empty, living, marching, certain, said, sung. Gerunds using the suffix-a-, -I-, -Yuchi, -teach -, -, - Shea-, -lice-: shouting, sapeva, playing, riding, watching, bringing, met.

Example: Flooded the whole garden, the grass grew thickly, making it impossible to grow the crops. In this proposal are the four different verb forms: Grew - verb, past tense, feminine, Grow - the infinitive, Sweep the sacrament Giving is the gerund. You can replace the adjective participle and the gerund - adverb: The Green grass grew thickly, and the opportunity to grow the cultivated plants were few. the proposal remained the main point, but lost additional actions that reflect involved and adverbial-participial turnover. Exercises from the table below will help you learn to find the verb forms and to distinguish them from each other. sentences with involved and adverbial-participial turnover


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Exercises for finding verb forms

From the text, write three participlesThere was a thunderstorm, accompanied by terrifying thunder and fiery lightning. Mike, as taught by his grandfather, hiding under a Bush, located in a valley. Suddenly he heard a strong clap of thunder and then a sound like the hiss of a snake. This lightning hit a tree about ten steps from the Forester's house.
From the text write down all the gerundsWithout lifting his eyes, Yasha looked at dawn. Somehow, in this time of day he always wanted, standing on the loft and looking into the distance, to think about eternity. He wondered why birds fly so beautifully, he was concerned with the question of the origin of the Sun, thinking about the distant countries, hoping to travel.

Gerund as a separate definition

Involved a turnover is called the design of the sacrament with a dependent word. So, the sentence: A Blooming garden was beautiful - without a participial phrase and the sentence: Blooming at the cottage garden was beautiful is a gerund, because the sacrament is a dependent word: Flowering (where?) dacha.

Building rpm involved can be different, but this syntactic unit is necessarily a participle with dependent words.

Participial requires separation, if it is after the main word: Fungi, recruited the whole family, now lying on the bench under the pine tree; if it depends on the personal pronouns are: Dreaming of a trip to Congo, he was issued a visa -, or has an additional concessive, or causal meaning: Tired of noisy visitors, Lena Barely made it home. detached participial turnover

Errors in the use of rpm involved

In speech, participial, errors can be allowed as punctuation and grammar. Punctuation errors occur when the wrong definition of the boundaries of syntactic units, with a careless reading of the proposals involved a turnover and in the absence of theoretical knowledge about the conditions of his separation.

The Grammatical error in the use of rpm involved are primarily associated with the inappropriate use of a participial phrase in the sentence and the incorrect agreement of the sacrament with the word. For example: North basketball club came to his hometown, well played championship. (to be Correct: North basketball club, well played championship came to his hometown). building rpm involved

Participial turnover as a separate circumstance

Adverbial participle with dependent words are called participial turnover. Gerund and participial turnover always isolated. Their separation by commas is not dependent on the location relative to the main word. For example: They came without warning. Galya, seeing a beautiful bouquet in his hands, immediately calmed down. Listening, nick was taking notes. Does Not require segregation, only those gerunds that are included in the composition of phraseologisms: Carelessly, he worked the entire season. The child listened with bated breath Or passed in adverbs: Toll read slowly. He was angry, not joking. participial error

Involved and adverbial-participial turnover: exercises

The table below shows the number of jobs being separate members that are expressed or involved in participial turnover.

From the text write separate participial turnoverMary, turning to give her cards, remember your first birthday party. It was her seventh birthday. Mom baked rolls and pies to Masha regaled their classmates. She was happy to organize a tea party for all the children who greeted her at the threshold of the school with a huge basket of fruit.
Among the proposals to find the one that is involved in trafficking.
  • The cat that scared the chickens hid under the nest.
  • Fisher perch, returned to shore.
  • Anna, my downstairs neighbor, worked in a sanatorium.
From the text, write the gerund and the participial turnover.Jumping from a high tree, Pasha ran to the pond. Here he met his friends. Having bathed, they began to tell each other stories that happened to them this year.

Involved and adverbial-participial turnover (exercise from the table confirm this) make suggestions the value of the additional steps. They, being separate members, only accompany the basic process is enclosed in the predicate.

Involved and adverbial-participial phrase: examples from the literature

Suggestions with involved and adverbial-participial turnover often found in works of art. the "the Ocean, going outside the walls was terrible, Low and paused, knocking the whip stuck to the horse's large, gloomy said" (I. A. Bunin). the "from morning to morning was relentless little... rain turns the clay roads and paths in solid thick mud..." (A. Kuprin). the "Covered with frost, and they went to obscure, illuminated by distance..." (V. G. Korolenko).


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