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Often even in adulthood we can hear unknown word. One of these – “kalema”. What does it mean? What is its significance and in what situations it can be used?

meaning of the word colema

The Main point

The Main meaning of the word “kalema” is a clumsy, scatterbrained girl. She keeps losing the keys leaves open your car, late for the bus, and things keep disappearing from her right from under his nose. It is time to leave the house, but she can't find my scarf… did she need the books? What's the first item?

Such “scattered through the yard” is those adults who do not get enough attention. Those who don't know, what does the word “kalema”, you can just recall some very scattered and inattentive friend or relative. Surely everyone in the circle there are such people. Often the reason for the distraction is strong internal stress. And it does not depend on age – are exposed to it as children, do not have time to develop the curriculum and adults.

One of the shades of meanings of the word “kalema” - “incompetent”. So often called the Amateurs in their profession, or those students who learn, but don't remember anything. A true professional always differs from the layman: he was always able to see the true cause of the problem, take corrective action, in what area he would work.

what does the word colema

Definitions for men and women

We Can say that the significance of the word “kalema” similar to the term “mattress”. The only difference is that the first applied to women, and the second – men.


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“Kolami” and “weak” are not always physically weak and poor people. Most often here we are talking about the weakness of the soul, poverty of emotional life, lack of will power. Everybody will come across people who behave in a very cowardly and ingratiating. This behavior, however, few people will want to help – often happens just the opposite: “weak” and “Kula” just want more kick. It may be, though it will revive them.

Lack of confidence

Now, we find out that the meaning of the word “kalema” similar to those words, which are usually called spanners, weak. What is the difference between ambient botanist or a girl-‘koelemay”, and confident person? It is not in money and not in the position that he or she can take.

Self-confident person inside the belief that they will achieve their goals, to achieve what you need, and no external obstacles will not stop him. A woman who knows her beauty needs no encouragement. Unlike her, confused “kalema” subconsciously wants to hear compliments, to receive support from others. To do she could not because attempts to fill the shortage of confidence from outside sources.

what does the word colema

The Main feature of all “Kula”

Perhaps, after all, the most important meaning of the word “kalema” - confused, clumsy or awkward woman. Sometimes this word is derogatory. And sometimes a girl just called ‘elephant in the room”. Such a person constantly spill milk, break the Cup. Surrounding often think that the reason – poor coordination.

We understand what the word "colema". But what is behind the clumsiness actually, what are the psychological issues these girls? People can tilt the Cup one time, it happens by accident. But if in the interaction with space has constant problems, it is an occasion to reflect.

It is believed that the most common reason for this clumsiness – it is an unconscious desire to attract the attention of others. After all, the one who constantly does something wrong, will never remain without attention. Such “kulesa” to be angry or to laugh at her. However, its totally remember. And thus, in the mind of such a person soon formed an understanding of: when I'm good, nobody sees me, and when I act awkwardly, the attention riveted to me.

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