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In this article we will talk about what is the relationship of words in the phrase, what types of them exist, how they differ from each other. This theme requires some terminological clarification.

In particular, in order to understand what are the different methods of communication words, you must first decide what constitutes the term "phrase". Then we come to the question of what the relationship of words in the phrase. The lesson will continue our detailed review of management, coordination and landfall and will conclude with a small tip that you can use, not to be mistaken in their determination.

Note that this is a very important topic, because the exam is given attention to the question of what the relationship of words in the phrase. Test this in all versions includes the definition of link types.

the relationship of words in the phrase

The Definition of "phrase"

The Phrase - the joining of two or more words associated grammatically and in meaning, which serves to raschlenenka to designate certain single concept (the action, the quality of the object or the object itself, etc.).

It is a unit of syntax that performs the communicative function (in other words, part of speech) only in the structure of some sentence.

Today it is generally recognized that the phrases are the links of some of the words on the basis of subordinating connection, that is, they must contain two components - the main and the dependent member. Some of the researchers of language structure also includes a combination of homogeneous parts of the sentence in a separate group - coordinative phrases, but we will stick with the traditional classification and eliminate them from our consideration because that was the place to be in the running, coordination and adjunction, that is, the communication of words, we are interested in, you need to important part of speech was connected it was a bond.


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Grammatical homonymy

communication of the words

Consider, for example, a combination of the words "read to myself". There is an effect of so-called grammatical ambiguity. To this phrase we can ask two questions: "Read about what?" and "Read?". In the latter case, when we have in mind reading is not aloud, "myself" acts as an adverb, and it is uninflected, therefore, it is adjacent to the main. In the second case, when there is a value "about" a dependent part of speech is used in a certain case form, that is, it is driven home, and therefore it will control.

Think about that sentence, the words can be related to either subordinating or coordinating connections, as there are two of them: submission and writing.

What is an essay?

The Essay connection is independent from each other or syntactically equal elements. This can be a connection in a simple sentence are homogeneous members (slowly but surely; cats and dogs) or clauses (asyndetic complex or compound).

What is the obedience?

Submission - the syntactically unequal connection of elements (parts of the complex sentence and the individual words in it).

In the phrase there are only subordinating the relationship between the meaningful parts of speech. Therefore, when asked to find the text of the agreement, management or contiguity, that is connections with subordinating relationship can be immediately removed from the circle of our combination of subject and predicate (that is, the grammatical basis of the sentence), compound verbal and nominal predicate and introduction. It is on the latter should pay special attention, as subordinating relations in one form or another can have an introductory sentence and a phrase. Examples: "something flashed in the sky. Maybe lightning." Here "can be" is the opening word. But such expressions as "I think" and "she said" is the introductory sentence and combinations.

The Agreement, contiguity and control are the main types of subordinating connection.

Validation: definition

Negotiate such a connection of words in the phrase, which in its form is likened to the main dependent, i.e. it is used in the same number, gender and case, and that to which it relates noun or other part of speech in its meaning: "dear mourners" or "not any "the" hyphenated". If you change the main changes and the dependent word.

What words can be dependent in agreement?

The text is not difficult to find combinations with this type of communication, if you remember that as a child of the word (i.e. a dependent) are always only variable part of speech: possessive pronouns (from your statement), relative (how), index (the infamy), key (all kinds of consequences, all good), negative pronouns (by any means), indefinite (some friends), adjectives (grave goods, the total bondage, the heavy burden on), full communion (raging storm)and ordinal numbers (the twentieth year) and nouns that are consistent with applications that correspond in number and case with the word (if the noun can change for number); the same kind they always have the same, so on this basis be consistent not like the phrase. Examples: the house-building, mother-teacher.

Substantivized words

the relationship of words in the phrase a lesson

From adjectives and participles involved in such a relationship the most significant parts of speech, agreement, it is necessary to distinguish also the so-called substantivized words, that is, participles and adjectives which has passed into the category of nouns: "It equally applies to bad and to good". These two concepts ("bad" and "good") form with the main word combination, called controls, because they are nouns in this context. We ask the question: "Refers to what?". And the answer is: "to bad and to good".

Cardinal numbers

A Special case is the composition of the phrases cardinal numbers. They are usually in functions of dependent words, but not always. For example, in the accusative and nominative cases, similar numerals are always the main member, and other forms of subordinate. You can compare the following sentences: "I am twenty years working in school" and "I work until six o'clock." The combination of the words "up to six hours" numeral "six" in the genitive is a dependent word. You can ask the question: "To how many hours do you work?". And answer: "up To six". In the expression "twenty years" the main word is the numeral "twenty." The question asked the following: "Twenty what?". And the answer is: "Twenty years." This case - management. In the Russian language very often uses this phrase.

Management: definition

the relationship of words in the phrase table

We are gradually getting to the next connection type, two important parts of speech. Management - linking words in the phrase, characterized by the fact that the dependent word (a noun or other part of speech in its functions: substantivized word, the pronoun, the numeral (look at both/sitting/him/)) is placed in a certain case form (with a preposition or without it), which is caused by the main member, its lexico-grammatical meaning. Such a word can be noun, verb, adjective, adverb, quantitative numeral in the accusative or the nominative case, words of category of state.

In Other words, the main dependent requires some case forms.

phrase examples

Note that this term "control" has a hint of what Russian phrases of this kind are characterized by one word with another.

Management Features

In this regard, dependent members always respond to questions indirect cases: "remembered history", "it should have been let go", "serving day", "show on the road", etc.

Please note, that some Russian phrases, despite the fact that it is possible for them to ask others, namely the adverbial questions (was serving (where?) and (to what?) on mode) - this is because it points to the presence of prepositions in them.

phrase management

Thus, the preposition is always a sign that the phrase is to manage rather than contiguity.

Contiguity: definition

Let us now Consider the last form of communication. Contiguity is such a connection of words in the phrase in which it is grammatically, but not lexically (i.e. the meaning) expresses the dependence of the subordinate words, the intonation and order of their sequence. Only immutable parts of speech can be followed by: the infinitive, the adverb, the adjective immutable (khaki) and comparative his degree, with a simple (older children), the noun acting as an inconsistent application (for example, in the newspaper "Moscow news"), the possessive pronoun their, her, his. With this in mind, it's easy to find in the text connection of words in ...

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