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The Astana-capital of Kazakhstan. It is home to more than 850 thousand people. Young people who have graduated from secondary school are encouraged to enroll in specialized institutions. Such for example are the colleges of Astana. There are in the city about 15. They work in different directions. There are financial, technical, medical, Commerce, arts, and others. Young people after College to continue their education in universities. Admission is favorable, as a rule, only one profile exam.

Almost all Astana colleges after grade 9 offer full-time education with the budget and paid places. After secondary school it is possible to learn by correspondence, combining a visit to institution with the work. For some categories of students are offered individual schedule. This is necessary if, for example, for health reasons people can not attend classes daily. It was then that he was transferred for a visit.

So, let's look at some colleges of Astana.

Economics and law College

In 1999, in the city of Astana opened a College, offering training in economic and legal areas. Despite the fact that it works relatively recently, over the years, this school has become one of the leading. Among young people who wish to obtain marketable skills, it is popular. It is common to teach students in accordance with the latest standards. Teaching staff – skilled workers, some even have a doctorate. They make every effort in order to produce high-level specialists.


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The College are trained in the following areas: law, programming, hospitality, economy and design.colleges of Astana

Humanitarian construction College

On the street Auezov, 36 is the building of College of Humanities of construction bias. Here young people after finishing 9th and 11th grades are encouraged to receive education in the following specialties: technician, Builder, programmer, auditor, and an expert appraiser in various fields.

The school operates on the basis of unlimited state license, than, it should be noted, can not boast of all colleges of Astana.

Technical College

In 1994 by merging the four professional schools formed technical College. The training is carried out based on a decade of best practices. The faculty aims to produce highly skilled professionals. Prospective students regularly participate in international competitions. The most successful are encouraged to continue their education abroad. Currently, graduates can work in construction, transport and hospitality sectors. For creative people there is training in interior design.Astana colleges after grade 9

Of Course, it's not all the colleges of Astana, however, even on the basis of this information it is clear what level of education are available to students. All professionals who graduate from these schools are competitive and relevant personnel.

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