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Education as a social institution plays an important role in the process of human socialization. It is responsible for the timely and adequate preparation of the individual to full life in society. To understand the essence and specifics of the education system is not easy. The state reglamentary uniform educational space, however, there are many practices that complement the process. One of such phenomena - social partnership in education. What it is, what are his methods and what his system is, try to understand by using examples.

Partnership as part of social interactions

“You ’ me I – you” - it can be described as the meaning of the word “partnership”. Originally a concept used only in social and economic Sciences. They were characterizable process of coordination of actions of participants. In the broader sense of "social partnership" should be considered as a system of solvatatsii (interactions), in which subjects meet their needs.

The Last few years, social partnership begins to be treated as a multilayered process, where the operation elements are clearly defined and aimed at achieving positive change. That is, it can be understood as a peculiar type of relationship between entities that have common interests and jointly solve problems. The main task of partnerships is to overcome the possible differences among the participants, the harmonization of work and diffuse conflicts.


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social partnership in education

Educational process

Based on the above, social partnership in education can be defined as shared actions of subjects relevant to the educational process. Such action is typical to have the same goal and to bear mutual responsibility for the results obtained.

The System of social partnership in education is addressed at three levels:

  1. Relationships of social groups of professionals within the system.
  2. A Partnership of educators with representatives of other organizations and social institutions.
  3. The Relationship of the institutions of education and the public.

The Development of social partnership in education started in the 80-90-ies of the last century. At this time, become Autonomous educational institutions, labour market increases the demand for highly qualified personnel. Institute of education begins to play a key role in the development of the state. An important element in social partnership in educational sphere relationships become educational institutions, trade unions, employers and government agencies. Their main purpose is to identify the needs of the labour market to increase human capacity; to shape a well-educated person with an active lifestyle; to promote economic and spiritual potential of society as a whole.

Translated into human language this means that the country undergoes dynamic changes. Being introduced partnership schemes like the US and against the background of this evolutionary chaos there is a need to “other people”. That is, society needs personnel who are already trained in the new standards. And here comes to the fore at the Institute of education, because he is the person responsible for teaching the younger generation new ways. This, in fact, is the main essence of the concept of “social partnership in education”.

But over time, the leading officials of the country are beginning to understand that, in General, to consider the interaction of institutions of education, economy and policy are not very logical. From view missed many important moments which are at their lowest levels of the institutional scale. Therefore, social partnership in education begins “grow into new shoots”, each of which is responsible for its sphere.

social partnership in education

The municipality

Now the partnership can be seen in the environment the development of various educational institutions. The first thing we should start, is public education. It means the total educational process, which is carried out in a certain area and solve unique problems. To make it a little clearer, you can bring a small example. For example, there is a small urban village. The educational process in the institutions is conducted according to the current legislation, but in addition included special items, which are peculiar only to this area. In the framework of education can be themed fairs, days of memory of the famous personalities who once lived in this area or are created mugs crafts that are popular in a specific region.

The municipality is divided into 5 types:

  • Rural settlement. This includes the village (villages, hamlets, etc.) that are in a certain area.
  • Urban settlement. Include the city or urban-type settlements.
  • Municipal districts. These include several cities or villages where the local government decides the General issues.
  • Urban neighborhood. Then there are cities that are not included in the Directive of the municipal districts.
  • Autonomous urban areas. Part of the city with its organizational structure. For example, the Indian quarter in Singapore: on one side of the city, on the other – some of its element.

Social partnership in the municipality is between the bodies governing the educational processes and the government of the country. The main specificity of such interactions is funding. For example, the state has long been established that the benefits system meets the municipality. Also provided educational grants, which system of local government divides all educational institutions depending on their needs and status. The state can also provide information on the need in the labor market specialists, who are trained in institution, located in the municipal district. The authorities take this into consideration and may increase the financing institution, the number of budget places, etc.

social partnership in the municipality


For those who do not know what teacher education: it is a process of training highly qualified specialists for work in schools. That is, the training of educators, teachers and professors.

Social partnership in pedagogical education depends on public expectations. In recent years significantly increased the requirements for quality school education, because of this there is a need to change the methods and technologies of preparation of teachers. The development of the pedagogical education depends on such factors as:

  • Political innovation in education.
  • Presence of the concept, which allows you to use the government and municipal authorities to maintain research.
  • Creation of public service control, focusing on public inquiries, could guide the system of teacher education in the right direction.

If ‘municipal partnership” focused mainly on the financial side of the question, pedagogical education is based on the requirements of the public in improving the quality of education according to modern standards.

For Example, a few years ago, there was a need for the appearance of out-of-school educational institutions. Originally wanted parents, who decided that the child must develop more fully. Gradually starting to demand for such places, and already-connected state, prompting the teachers who would be trained to provide such services.

In General the essence is clear: as each person attending the educational institution, the task of teachers is to shape the personality that are in demand in society. And if there are any changes, then it changes and the curriculum of preparation of teachers, because only they afford painless to introduce into society innovative programs.

Vocational education

Now society demands that schools have produced professionals who are ready to immediately start work. Economic Institute requests a certain number of specialists of a particular sphere. Social partnership in professional education is to provide the labour market demand for personnel in the right quantity.

Here everything is simple: the market – it is a cyclical system, in which always something is changing. One year is not enough economists, another year it is impossible to find a lawyer. And, hearing that the labor market lacks certain occupations, the students begin to massively apply to this specialty. The supply begins to exceed demand and unemployment. To avoid this, there is social partnership in education, which allows effective use of human resources.

social partnership in teacher education

Preschool education

Modern pre-school education cannot fully develop without interacting with ...

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