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Tula is for many synonymous with gingerbread and samovars. But adults still remember motorcyclists scooters “True”, which were distributed throughout the country, and ridiculous in today's perception of the motorcycle "Tula". The bike terrain is the domestic development.

How it all began?

At the time, in the fifties of the last century, the USSR and Japan has literally skyrocketed in the development of motorcycles. Before the war, and in one and another country produced a very small quantity, compared to the foreign models look very outdated.

But after the war from Germany delivered the equipment, has become the base for domestic Motorama. In 1956, during the “thaw”, in Tula began to produce Goggo TA200 German origin. But some parts of it were replaced with domestic ones. So Tula, the Germans began to assemble from purchased components.

Unsuccessful attempt of the agricultural machinery manufacturer to build a motorcycle

The fact that the manufacturer specialized in agricultural machinery and collecting scooters from the finished parts, which are in any case purchased separately. Such designs allowed the production to become more flexible.

The German firm started producing scooters Goggo in 1951 and within five years had issued more than forty-six thousand units. However, she could not realize itself as motorostoitel because of specialization of agricultural machinery. But the schemes of assorted scooters have used Tula designers and created the first cargo scooter, then a motorcycle "Tula". It happened in the early seventies.


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motorcycle Tula

Enthusiasts Tula factory

In those years the development of technology and the rest was based by planning organizations. And they did not plan to include motorcycles. However, the staff still wanted to create your own Mota. Since the plant worked on the team that participated in the rally of the International Federation of motor sport since 1963. To the representatives of the standard organization has banned production of motorcycles, there had to be cunning and even invented a special term: “motomarina”. Devices with the same name to make it possible.

motorcycle Tula reviews


Engine motomarine hung on the cap frame, which was open from all sides. Thus, forced cooling, which was on the German scooter with a ventillyator, it was possible to refuse. Decreased weight of the engine, which alleviated the position of the spinal frame.

After Making a number of changes, managed to produce a series of Motomachi. They differed significantly from conventional motorcycles and scooters and is very reminiscent of the favorite camera of the crocodile Genes from all known cartoon. Unfortunately, funding for them is almost not issued, therefore, the prospects for widespread production simply did not exist then.

motorcycle Tula characterization

Go to flotation tires

But outside of the Soviet Union, motoculture flourished and many fell in love with Mota as sports equipment and active leisure. Manufacturers as a result began to produce a large number molekularnych models for people who had no experience riding. One of such models was Japanese Suzuki RM.

Tulane as soon as the opportunity arose, I bought a motorcycle to see him.

As a result, they decided his "Cheburashka" to put on high flotation tires. Designer Yevgeny Dmitrievich Vlasov, who was the driving force of the Tula motomarine, managed to promote the Ministry of the idea of its release. Izhevsk, Tula and Kovrov plants instructed to create motorcycles on a competitive basis. As at the Tula factory was already experimental motomarine, he won the competition. Then came the staged party with the same wheels front and rear.

Motorcycle "Tula": feature

On a motorcycle used a modified motor scooter. The exhaust system was to consist of a resonant part and a small muffler, which saves money and simplifies the search of spare parts for owners in the future. Thanks to forced cooling, the motor does not overheat, even if moved for a long time in first gear.

Those who first met the motorcycle "Tula" of the reviews bordered on enthusiasm. All were convinced that before them stood a real car.

Motorcycle "Tula" was produced with round taillight, which was characteristic of the entire domestic motor vehicles and other vehicles.

Among the weaknesses revealed cracking of the frame, which, as it turned out produced in the production, which was attracted by treated alcoholics. The problem is resolved after the spot welding of pipes strengthened with a scarf.

Until the eighties, the factory produced 80% of the scooters passenger and 20% cargo. Later, the motorcycle "Tula" was sold and as a two-wheeled motorcycle, and together with the module and the module separately, and the tricycle, assembled at the factory.

Inevitable decline

Despite the fact that design ideas were many, since the mid-nineties, production was decreased. The market received a large number of foreign motorcycles, tastes changed, and to respond to them from domestic producers was not possible. Besides the General condition of the country and its legislation has led to sad for "Tula” consequences. In 1996 it was removed from production.

motorcycle Tula tuning photo

Today you rarely see a motorcycle "Tula". Tuning, which is sometimes surprising, can completely transform the original alternatives.

Famous flotation tires and in General non-standard form for Soviet motorcycles - that's what characterized the motorcycles "Tula". However, the design of the device is made by Tula developers harmonically that gives a sense of the perception as a whole.


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