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The First military trucks was significantly different from what is being developed now. In the days of the great Patriotic War, particularly popular were the so-called multipurpose vans, various staff vehicles and mobile repair teams.

It was the war that accelerated the development of mechanical engineering, and later led him to higher and more perfect level. To satisfy all the desires and needs of the army required specialized vehicles. Thanks to the interest of the military departments of such vehicles like military trucks were produced with incredible speed, and each time became more and more perfect.

military trucks

When compared with the first samples of equipment, modern transport seems to be something unusual and high-tech.

The ZIL-135 Uragan

Rocket system ZIL-135 LM "Hurricane" was originally designed to defeat armored and light armored vehicles, small mechanized infantry units and tank units. As the base machine used ZIL-135 LM, whose characteristics suited for this task.

ZIL 135


Initially the machine was developed by company ZIL, and the model of ZIL-135 L was different from the rest of company vehicles with an automatic transmission. In the 135-th models are equipped with hydromechanical transmission with six switching steps. Initially, these nodes have developed and released one of the highly equipped tool of subsidiaries of the ZIL.

The DATABASE could not do such GMP due to the fact that there was no specialized equipment, for this reason it was necessary to urgently establish a new transmission. This time the car was equipped with a five-speed manual transaxle, which is perfectly suited to work with the engine YAMZ. This design was modified, resulting in a significant change in gear ratios. For normal and coordinated operation of the transmission and powertrain designers have installed a twin disc clutch. To solve synchronization issues was created in paired units of control.


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ZIL 135 LM

For the winter design Bureau has successfully completed the development and alteration of the new chassis. March 4, 1963 was presented first, with a manual transmission, the car ZIL-135 LM. The chief designer was made by K. T. N. L. P. Lysenko. Due to the change of the transmission slightly decreased speed and thrust, but in the end the car became more economical.


Exactly the same as its predecessor, the new ZIL-135 LM installed two carburetor engine. This V-shaped engine with 8 cylinders model ZIL-375Я. The power of each of the power units was 180 "horses". For better cooling along the sides of the compartment with power units installed two radiator fans which had driven every one from your motor. To drive each of the motors was installed two generators with a tank. ZIL-135 LM is the first military truck, which was introduced a brand new ignition system.

ZIL 135 LM hurricane


Shielding the ignition system is allowed to share the two engines. In that case, if one of the engines fails, the car will not lose mobility. Even a single power unit allows the military machine to get to the base without loss of speed and terrain. There was not a single case when this machine was returned to base by tug. This did not happen even in Afghanistan.

ZIL 135 Uragan

Using the fresh motor

The application of the system of two engines on the ZIL-135 was caused by the reluctance to increase the level of reliability of this rolling stock. The main reason was the fact that at the time of creating a military machine all over the Soviet Union was not a single car powertrain, which differed so much power. Despite this, reliability has really become several times higher than its predecessor. The main disadvantage - the level of fuel consumption, it was catastrophic. In this regard, there were very many complaints.

ZIL 135 LM characteristics

Tropical version

For countries with tropical climate have created a special export version of the ZIL-135 LMT. The main difference in this instance from the base vehicle - the enhanced cooling system and a specially developed sealed electrical equipment. Appearance also changed, ZIL was painted in a sand color. Along with all the changes the program includes a specialized chassis that has two batteries. It should be noted that in the basic machine has four batteries. Changed the design as well as mounting plates in the compartment with the engine. These fixtures are necessary for mounting an additional machine to charge brand TZM 9Т29.

The Prototype

A New prototype of the upgraded lightweight chassis 135 LMP was established in 1972. This chassis was designed as a universal vehicle. The predecessor of the prototype differed improved shock absorbers and a more powerful brake booster. There was also a new heater in the vehicle. The improvement affected the appearance, a new casing, which housed additional equipment. He was put at the front facing the cabin. After the test has established benchmarks in fuel consumption, which increased by up to 100 liters per 100 kilometers. Along with this decrease in the reserve, he was equal to 520 km.

ZIL 135


The Truck was completely satisfied with the military from a technical point of view, but the opinion of scientists involved in the development of a new prototype of its variants, it was impossible to ignore. For example, modification of the ZIL-135, E remained as a prototype, despite the improved specifications. For 135Е was modified chassis base machine 135L, which eventually were equipped with torsion bar suspension at both the front and rear wheels. This vehicle was virtually devoid of the shortcomings of previous prototypes, but for unknown reasons the series never went.


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