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Many people remember from the Soviet era bikes under the name "gum". And although high quality they differed, however, was very popular among the population.Desna motorcycle

Well-forgotten "the gums"

Today, Zhukovsky plant, which, in fact, produced them, and departed in the property of the company «Velomotors”. And since 2008, here comes not the bike, and other motor vehicles under the same name "gum" - motorcycle. The manufacturer decided not to change the brand.

This budget line of motorcycles appeared on the market, along with other - more established Stels. It was planned to establish production of five models, four of which have several years of ride on Russian roads. For testing were chosen Kaluga spaces are the ideal place to real conditions to be able to check the readiness of the equipment. Because "the gums" - motorcycle, addressed primarily to the Russian hinterland. Today he has become best option available for the vehicle to drive in the city and in rural areas, and on forest trails.

“the gums" - motorcycle, photos of which are presented below, liked the hunters, fishermen and lovers of wild camping.Desna motorcycle manufacturer

Basic model

The first release – “gums 200 Country”. It is equipped with engine, with air cooling. Its working volume of 196 cubic centimeters. “Country” has spoked wheels and a sturdy mount for Luggage. This "gums" is the motorcycle that, judging by the reviews, had a good performance in the domestic terrain. It is convenient for travel to hunting and fishing.


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Left on the wheel are the direction indicators, as well as buttons for switching the light between low and high and for audio signal. The side of the arc in the configuration were not provided. Foot pegs for rear passenger – present platform. And although the knees during side zavalivanija they do not protect, but to stop saving the are by far.

The Manufacturer has taken care of the safety chain: top and bottom is protected from dirt and sand robust metal casing. In General, about protection: externally associate a “Country” with a medieval knight, clad in armor. Along with the electric starter, familiar to modern vehicles, this ‘gum’ -a motorcycle has a kick-starter. This means that the discharged battery problem never gets.Motorcycle Desna Phantom 220


This motorcycle line "gums" liked it, judging by the reviews, buyers nostalgic for the Soviet era. Its cost starts from thirty thousand roubles. This affordable bike "gums" of the bike, which is great for riding through the countryside. An improved version of the Chinese analogue of the engine has a working volume of 120 «cubes». The capacity of seven horsepower and this enables the bike to accelerate to 80 km/h. the Brakes on the models is also drum. The dashboard is the personification of Soviet classics. The motorcycle has a small trunk in the back. Frame “Mirage” equipped with protective arcs and Central footrest.

“gum 125 Comfort”

This motorcycle is fit for attacks on Russian rough roads and to move in an urban environment. Generally, “gum 125 Comfort” an easy modification “Mirage”.

The Changes in it were made by a small manufacturer. They relate mainly to the appearance of this bike. He changed color, and the tail light is recessed in the facing case. In addition, the brackets for the passenger foot pegs mounted on the frame, not the swingarm. The engine remained the same: he single-cylinder four-stroke with a capacity of seven horsepower and a displacement of 120 cubic meters.Motorcycle Desna reviews Phantom 220


There are in the line of "the gums" the motorcycle, which is somewhat different from the rest. It – “the Tricycle 200”. He confidently goes on almost any surface: on a dry road, and on grass or smooth track. Asphalt “gums 200 Tricycle» easy to accelerate up to 80 km/h.

This model is designed primarily for hard work in rural areas. Its engine has a volume of 196 cubic centimeters and produces a 13.9 HP With five-speed transmission, it is enough that the equipment could carry in your flip the body up to three hundred pounds of cargo.

The Leader in its class

Motorcycle “gums 220 Phantom” is a recent addition to the market of budget bikes domestic production. It is perfectly suited for travel, hunting and fishing, and country for an exciting journey. This ‘gum’ - the motorcycle is made in retro design. It is equipped with engine capacity of 200 «cubes». Its capacity increased to twelve horsepower.

Technical features models are “gums 220 Phantom” is a contactless ignition system with electronic control and a five-speed gearbox. The bike is equipped with malofilm massovymi and two radiators, which, judging by the reviews, perfectlycope with their task. The fuel tank is designed for eleven liters. Power system the model of carburetor. The leader in its class – is a characteristic got the motorbike ‘gums 220 Phantom”.Desna motorcycle photo


According to users, at a fairly modest volume of motor bikes produced ‘Velomotors”, has good traction at low speeds. Another advantage of all models are drum brakes.

A Lot of positive feedback on the latest issue – motorcycle "Desna 220 Phantom”. Its vintage design, small weight, wheels with rubber universal and affordable price have made this bike very popular. At small cost of maintaining this model is an incredible opportunity. However, some complain that it has no fuel gauge and odometer.

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