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“VW LT" is perhaps the most famous in the Europe and Russia series trucks. LT denotes the abbreviation of Lasten-Transporter, which translates as “the transport of goods”. One of the first copies of this series are the ‘VW LT 28”. Photos, review and specifications – further in our article.


The exterior of the car by today's standards, considerably outdated. This is not surprising, because the car was produced from the 70-ies of the last century. Now «VW LT 28" can be attributed to the category of rarities. Nowadays, however, they are still used for transportation. But basically it is a redesigned model. VW LT 28 motor

Unlike the previous ones, this “VW LT 28” has a new, rectangular shape optics. In other respects it remains the same – angular shape, black grille and unpainted bumper. By the way, the design of the machine was the same that for minivans, for trucks. But if we consider the 5-tonne instances, they're slightly different arrangement of optics and a narrower grille. avito VW LT 28

By the Way, on the lattice there are two emblems – “MAN” and «Volkswagen». No, it's not a popular tuning – in this form the car came from the factory. The fact that in the 80s «Volkswagen» worked closely with the “man”, whereby the line of trucks added a new 5-ton crane. Although the design is painfully reminiscent of the “VW LT 28”.

Exterior and corrosion

Reviews say the cabin has high-quality color. If it was not scratched and did not tolerate any attacks (not as pictured above), the metal will be practically eternal. Now on sale you can find a lot of "live" instances. The same applies to bodies. If we talk about the van “VW LT 28”, the roof on it made of fiberglass. The most vulnerable places – sills and rear wheel arches. But with proper care (regular and deep cleaning, polishing) will not be a reason for the occurrence of corrosion even after 30 years.


The Machine has classical design of the interior – large and fine dvuhsvetny handlebar, flat door cards and ascetic instrument panel. The last contains a pointer scale of the tachometer and speedometer. There are also a number of warning lights. By the way, 5-ton versions, the dashboard was changed. So, the speedometer was here combined with the tachograph. The latter opened with a special key. Of course, "shabba" modes of work and rest was paper. Electronic tachographs began to appear only in the mid-2000s. Among minor flaws, owners note the lack of a radio. But in the center console there is a hole under it. And besides, 90 percent of owners have already equipped the car with music to you. In which case, you can quickly “throw” wires and replace the unit for a new one. If we are talking about more than lifting versions, there is a question about setting the radio. It is usually mounted on the center console, and hang the antenna on the roof. VW LT 28 specifications

Despite the fact that the truck ‘VW LT 28” motor is under the cockpit, the cabin almost flat floor. This is a significant plus. After all, the cabin can move without problems. The gearshift lever is located between the front passenger and driver's seat and is recessed into the floor. As for the seats, they are quite comfortable – note the reviews. Especially lucky owners of those trucks modifications that have been fitted with armrests. Materials – solid plastic. But he doesn't rattle on bumps even after all this time. Soundproofing is also good, but unusual rumble of a diesel engine. Because it is located almost at the feet of the driver. All the vibrations and knocks are clearly audible in the cabin. But you can get used. The cabin is very ergonomic. If we talk about the passenger version, the rear row can even be equipped with extendable table. Also the car has a wide glove box on the passenger side.

“VW LT 28”: specifications

Initially, the car staged the petrol engines. Version released in 75-m to year, was equipped with two-liter engine from the SN. When the working volume in 1985 cubic centimetres it developed an output of 75 HP. This motor was mounted on low-tonnage trucks and minibuses of a series of “LT” to 82-year. VW LT 28

The Successor to this machine became the engine DL. When the working volume in cubic centimeters 2384 he developed the power 90 horseforces. Unlike the previous, this motor had 6 (not 4 as earlier) cylinders. This solution allows to increase the volume and torque.

The Last in the line was a gasoline unit 1E. It was installed on a vehicle 88-95 year. It was also the six-cylinder unit, but with fuel injected and not carbureted injection. Completion of the induction system allowed to increase the engine power to 94 horsepower at the same working volume (2384 cubic centimeters).

Diesel version

More than half of “LT-shnyh” trucks came with diesel, as well as any commercial transport. But the first “solid” the unit appeared only three years after the launch of mass production. They became the engine CG, which in the working volume in cubic centimeters 2680 developed capacity of 65 horsepower.VW LT 28 35

In 88-m to year on a modified, six-cylinder in-line engine 1S. When the working volume in cubic centimeters 2384 he developed a capacity of 70 horsepower.

Version with a turbodiesel

Many believe that the old “VW LT 28” was only naturally aspirated engines and the turbo was only in the mid-90s to more recent versions of "LT". But it's not. The first diesel engine, turbocharged, appeared in the line already in 82-m to year. It was a six-cylinder engine DV. When the working volume in 2383 cubic centimeters he developed a capacity of 102 horsepower. There was also a weaker motor 92 of the power with a turbocharger. This unit was placed on “VW LT 28” from 88 to 92-th year. At the end of production in ' 91, there was another engine ACL. This motor developed capacity of 95 horsepower.

Transmission and consumption

“VW LT 28-35” staffed two manual transmissions. The first version was installed “4-mortar”. But since the 80s all «Volkswagen» went with a five-speed manual transmission. As for consumption, in economy mode, the diesel engine consumed about 10 liters of fuel.


The Suspension was a little different, depending on the duty, laid by the manufacturer. So, light version «Volkswagen» staffed lever-spring suspension, independent type. Trucks were going from few-leaf parabolic springs and disc brakes. Last operated hydraulics, with the exception of the five-ton versions of “Volkswagen-MAN" (here in the course went pneumatic). “VW LT 28” has a permanent rear-wheel drive. VW LT 28 reviews

A Distinctive feature of cars in this series – the presence of locked differential. This feature is particularly useful for carriers in winter time. In addition, the Germans built four-wheel drive versions and “Volkswagen LT 28”. These machines were specifically designed for construction companies located in remote regions. But in the sale they are very few.

“VW LT 28” reviews:

Many owners praised “LT” for the reliability. Especially hardy – diesel engines. These motors are the simplest device and a mechanical injection pump. “VW LT 28” - is the truck in which from the electronics only external and internal lighting. To make this car even without a battery. In the car there are no complicated technical solutions, the injection system "common rail" and diesel particulate filters. If you think that the Russian "GAZelle" is good because it can be repaired “knee”, you just do not owned this «Volkswagen». The machine is even simpler than GAS-3302. “LT” unpretentious to our oil and fuel quality. This is called "omnivore", almost ever dinosaur. And enough of them survived to the present day. The price of these machines is kept at a good level.

Among other benefits, it is necessary to note the existence of a differential lock. This function is not even in the modern “the GAZelle of Nekst”. Locking rear axle perfectly rescued in winter, while passing mountains of snow. Carriers know firsthand how easy it digs light-duty truck without load. Easy “ass”, the wheels begin to slip. Lock rigidly interlock the two wheels and makes them move synchronously. The machine is also easy to cope with mud.

Another advantage of “Volkswagen LT 28” - low fuel consumption. Even in the absence of direct injection, the rate of the minibuses is about 10 liters in the combined cycle. 5-ton versions, the flow rate of about 16-18 liters, which is also very acceptable. Also the car is pleasing with a warm oven, say reviews owners.injection pump VW LT 28

The Machine is responsivemanagement. Suspension gently work out the bumps. However, if you install on a truck with a high awning, consider windage. A big box can contribute to increased fuel consumption and drop in performance.

features VW LT 28

"VW LT 28" has downsides, according to motorists. Not so much. The first drawback noted by reviewers (or rather the whim of the owners), – the lack of air conditioning. In the summer you have to ride with the Windows open. Also there are no electric Windows. The power is not on all models. And the main disadvantage – a slow-moving car. Even with the five-speed gearbox, cruising speed of the truck does not exceed 70-80 km / h. The machine clearly lacks the sixth gear.


"Avito" “VW LT 28” sold at the price from 70 to 150 thousand rubles. Some versions of the trucks are about 200 thousand. Generally, such instances occur in the Western part of Russia. Closer to Siberia these machines are almost there. When you purchase commercial transportation with the same age you have to understand that at any time you encounter expenses. So, for 20 years worn out suspension components. Damaged wheel bearings. Can quickly burn the clutch.


With the development of trucks and vans series “LT”, «Volkswagen» became a serious competitor for «Mercedes». Because now you can buy a similar spec car that's not less reliable, but cheaper. Machines are constantly subjected to modifications. Version of the 80-ies and 90-ies is still possible to see on our streets. These machines survived the whole epoch. Due to the robust design of the engine they are valued by carriers to this day. “VW LT 28” appreciate not for design or beauty. It's such a workhorse that will faithfully carry out the work, bringing her owner a profit.

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