Freeze the glass in the car from the inside: what to do, how to solve the problem?


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In Winter, the car suffers tremendous stress. Is road salt, cold oil in the crankcase, constantly discharging battery and other troubles. Owners of diesel cars among other things are faced still with the difficult to start the engine. Because the fuel at low temperatures also freezes and precipitates. But what unites the owners of diesel and petrol cars, so it's a frozen glass in the car from the inside. What to do in this situation? Let's deal.


The Reason for freezing – accumulated condensate. Under the action of temperature the moisture starts to crystallize. In the end, on the inner surface of the glass becomes a solid ice crust. And with this problem the owners face even after long Parking of the car. freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to doWhy moisture accumulates just on the glass? It's very simple. The material of this element has the lowest heat transfer coefficient. From physics, it becomes clear why all the moisture it settles on the glass and not door or floor mats. Themselves sources of condensate may be several. If you freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to do for VAZ-2110? Need to fix the root of the problem.


It Often happens that the condensate appears because of clogged ducts. They are available around the perimeter of the car, including the doors. On some cars these channels are provided with nets (like mosquito). With time on the surface accumulates dust and dirt. As a result of air flow does not circulate properly. And part of the moisture still remains inside the car. freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to do VAZ 2110What is the way out of this situation? If you freeze the glass in the car VAZ-2106 on the inside, what to do? You need to disassemble and clean all vents. You should also pay attention to the holes that are hidden in the cavity of the trunk. In the Luggage compartment, too, can accumulate moisture. And though it will not have frozen panes, but it will significantly reduce the service life of the metal. Because, as you know, moisture – best friend corrosion.

Damp or wet floors

This is another reason why tough ice on car windshield in winter. The problem is very clear – the moisture remains on the surface of the mats and evaporates, hits the surface of the glass. And it evaporates at the first activation of the cabin uteplitel. Of course, driving with the Windows open in winter will not work. Need to eradicate the source of the problem. How to do it? Before boarding the car, you need to shake the soles of snow. Yes, to completely eliminate moisture on the Mat will not work. But after off a percentage of water in the cabin will be minimal. This eliminates the possibility of fogging of the glass with further icing.

An Experienced car owners suggest not to use the textile mats in the winter time. The most practical option – classic rubber. Are inexpensive, but will save many problems during winter operation of the vehicle.

The Leak from the stove

Especially it that often face the owners of domestic cars in the family «Lada». How does this relate to condensation? From the breakdown of the stove in the salon can get the coolant. Unlike snow only a couple of milliliters of antifreeze to the glass in the car steamed up. While on the surface will be greasy. If you freeze the glass in the car VAZ-2114 on the inside, what to do? In anticipation of winter should produce an audit of the stove:

  • Clear the heater core from dirt on the outside and rinse the inside.
  • Replace the solid pipes with new, softer.

freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to do LanosDelete drips antifreeze it should and because the vapors of this liquid is very toxic. After a short trip the driver can be a headache, appears drowsiness and other adverse factors.

The Nozzles should be installed on new hose clamps. By the way, to minimize leaks, the joints coated with petroleum jelly. He will give a lighter shrinkage and prevent the leakage of antifreeze.

Air conditioning

Few people know, but the air has a your filter. When it is possible contamination problems with the system. And if the summer is humid the air is excised for a couple of minutes in the winter when using the air conditioner stays for a long time. If you freeze the glass in the car “wheels” from the inside, what to do? Before the onset of winter are reviewing the air conditioner and change all the filters. It will not hurt as replacement of cabin cleaning element (not available on all machines).


Anyself-respecting car owner tries to maintain his "iron horse" in its purest form. In winter on our roads it is necessary to do more often. But the washer under such conditions can be dangerous not only stuck seals, but a cold wind. What is the reason? The problem in the moisture that remained after washing. And this problem is faced even by those who washed the car in the box, at zero temperature. freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to do VAZ 2106The Remaining interior moisture during the night turns into solid ice on the windshield. What is the way out? If you freeze the glass in the car from the inside, what to do? Of course, not to wash the car before the may warming not an option. Experts recommend to ventilate the interior of the machine immediately after washing. And to do it without the box (because the humidity there is always 100 percent), and on the street. Enough to drive the car to the platform and to open wide open all doors. After 10-15 minutes, you can proceed with ordinary operation.

Freeze the glass in the car from the inside: what to do? Quick defrost

Of Course, the surest way – to turn the heater on full and wait for it to warm the windshield. But not always drivers have so much time. Because the stove is fully warmed up only a 10-15 minute drive, and at idle it will be even longer. freeze the glass in the car from the inside what to do VAZ 2114Besides, if you just turn on the heater, the engine do not warm up and will not work in his mode (high - 60 degrees Celsius). But you can prepare a folk remedy. For this ravaged household wiper and pour a solution of salt and a technical sport. Per liter of liquid are added 2 tablespoons of salt. Spraying the composition on the surface and dry with a clean cloth. The result exceeds all expectations.

So, we figured out why freeze the glass in the car from the inside, and what to do in this situation.

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