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Everyone sooner or later has to decide what he wants to be and what it wants to do. The one who chose for himself the profession of a lawyer, can work for any company and represent its interests, to occupy positions of judge, Prosecutor, counsel, etc. Some are wondering about how to become an investigator?

What you need for this profession

You Must have a higher education. Preferably with a criminal law specialization. After training, you must contact the human resources Department of the body in which you wish to work. This may be the Investigation Committee or the police. After carrying out in relation to you test actions on the subject of convictions, the Commission of administrative offences, collecting references for a medical examination and training, you can be accepted for the position of investigator.

What is work

The Profession of the investigator assumes great responsibility. Activities associated primarily with the investigation of criminal cases. The investigator in the group (it can include expert employees of operative services, the precinct inspector, dog handlers, etc.) leaves the scene. He presides over all activities, inspect the scene and personally responsible for the collection of evidence, their packaging. Give assignments to the members of the group. Makes a decision on initiation of proceedings. If the crime was not solved, the responsibilities of the investigator include preparation of plan of activities aimed at developing a specific version.


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To establish the truth necessary to carry out interrogations, to carry out confrontations (in the presence of contradictions in the testimony) and, if necessary, investigative experiments. The offender is not always guilty, and witnesses are often reluctant to tell the truth. For this reason, the profession of the investigator requires knowledge of psychology, ability to communicate and plan for the upcoming conversation. Often in conjunction with other staff, he conducts searches, seizures, imposes a lien on the property of the offender.

The Main objective is to fully collect and examine all the evidence, to give them a correct assessment, to present to the criminal charges and refer the case to the court. The main indicator in the work – upravlyaemosti criminal cases.

Profession investigator pros:

  • Stable salary;
  • Social protection;
  • Do not need work experience in employment;
  • Investigation of interesting cases (from time to time);
  • Career opportunities;
  • Prestige.

Cons include:

  • The limited period of investigation, which is often not enough;
  • Dependence on superiors;
  • Heavy workload - number of cases pending simultaneously in production, can go up to 20 or more;
  • Duty in groups (have to travel at night);
  • Nervous and takes up most of my free time;
  • Long working hours;
  • Communication with criminal elements;
  • A prohibition to engage in other remunerative activity.

The Profession of the investigator is associated still for the most part with a Desk job. Most of the time you need to spend on the computer. We have to make a lot of documents in this case everything must be treated meticulously, the slightest slip or mistake can have a significant impact on the entire work. Well even if you manage to notice and correct, and if you notice on the court, it may lead to acquittal and, as a consequence, a reprimand. Will have to answer for all that is contained in the criminal case, including the documents drawn up by staff members concerned to fulfill their duties “carelessly”.

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