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Software Tester – what is that profession? What is its essence? And how it is relevant in the modern world? All these questions are quite relevant, because today the professions of it sector are amongst the highest paid in the labor market. Not to mention the fact that the development of these professions provide a stable future.

the tester

The Tester: what is it

Today, most electronic devices works correctly only with built-in them software. Their writing do the programmers of all stripes and skill levels. And believe me, their number is truly breathtaking. Thus, daily created more than one thousand of programs: from simple calculators and ending with artificial intelligence for high-tech machines.

And, as in any production, the product cannot be released to the masses, not pre-checking for defects. Now, the tester (software) – is a person who is engaged in field testing programs. However, he can be as a full-time employee of the company, a self-employed freelancer.

Why you need a testers programs

When you create programs using different programming languages. It can be C++, JavaScript, Python, and so on. After the product is completed, it first checks the author himself. But, since he is the Creator of the program, it may not always objectively assess the quality of the resulting product. Not to mention the fact that he may simply not have enough time to modulate all the possible ways of its application.


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a software tester with no experience [

And just at this stage in the game is tester. He takes care of all operations associated with testing the new application. Thus, unlike the programmer, the tester has access to source code. That is, he experiences the app as a simple user and only occasionally accorded special privileges.

Main responsibilities of the tester programs

Software Tester – it is a profession that requires a thorough approach to business. Here you can not work half-heartedly, as it will certainly affect the reputation of the specialist. As to the duties, they consist of the following:

  1. Creation of the test plan. The tester must think through all the scenarios of the use of the app and recreate them. Thus the more experienced the expert, the faster it can identify the most dangerous for the application to work factors.
  2. Software Testing through special automated instruments. Like any other master, the tester has their devices to optimize and speed up your work. They are universal, and, nevertheless, require the prior development and practices.
  3. Competent and systematic description of found bugs and flaws. The point is that it is not enough just to identify the error. In addition, you need to know how to make the Protocol work, so a programmer could understand why the failure occurred and what part of the application responsible.

It Should be noted that quite often testers unite in small groups. First of all, it is necessary in order to speed up the test or make it better. In this case, the work can be evenly distributed among all the experts. For example, some will be occupied by the application interface, the second will look for errors in calculations, and others – to model the most dangerous program for scripts.

the tester where to start

Vocational Education

A software Tester anyone can become a good “friends” with the exact Sciences. Ideally, it is better to have education as a programmer or at least understand the basics of writing applications. On this basis, this specialty is well suited for those who are learning for the it professions. First, it will help to gain experience and see the works of other people, and secondly, to generate additional income, which is also good.

However, become a software tester is possible without specialized education. So to speak, to learn everything on their own. Fortunately, today is not a problem, since the network has many informative courses that are able to demonstrate all the subtleties of this work.

In addition, you can test his fate and try to get prepared for the seminars, which are held in many organizations that produce. For example, GlobalLogic periodically holds training courses specifically for software testers. Moreover, after graduating, a person can become one of its employees, and then start to work in her state, or remotely as a freelancer.

a tester without experience

What are the skills needed to be self-respecting professional

Software Tester without experience can find a job, but a person who does not know the basics – never. However, what are the basics of the profession? What knowledge should have every self-respecting tester?

  • First, a specialist needs to be familiar with the basics of programming, in order to be able to compete in the labour market.
  • Second, you have to remember the principles of the software and administer the operating system.
  • Third, learnto work with standard databases.
  • Fourth, to learn a special query language SQL, without which today can not do.

In Addition, the tester should have a good command of the English language, as it is dominant in the programming world. Moreover, over time, will have to bring it level to the ideal, and also to explore all the details of the technical style.

a tester for what is

Practical skills

Let the tester without experience – this is a common phenomenon, it's a decent draft of such an expert is unlikely to take. Therefore, studying the basics of the profession, should focus on practical skills and positive reviews.

To do this you must go to one of the sites that employ freelancers. Every day there is laid out more than a dozen proposals related to performance testing of the applications. There are a lot of orders for beginners that don't require experience or special skills in programming.

So, for a month or two can be a good idea to move forward in your business and earn some reputation. The only drawback is that such orders often poorly paid. But it will have to accept, because in the future, such deprivation could be much more profitable orders that will pay for your efforts with interest.

Where to find profitable work

So, let's say, you are already an experienced software tester: how to start looking for a new career? Well, the first step is to view the ads on the online labor exchanges and forums programmers. Periodically there are some good suggestions that can bring a stable income.

tester by remotely

However, you should not rely on luck. If you have experience and a good resume, you can apply a few applications in the it company. Management loves purposeful professionals, and therefore, such an initiative could bear fruit. Especially if you aim for the companies that produce quality software.

If a permanent place at this stage no luck, you can become a freelancer. Well established himself as a tester BY working remotely at home, able to earn no less than permanent counterparts. The only difference is that instead of one of the employer he will have several.

Pros and cons of the profession

For those who love accurate science and modern technology, this profession will seem very exciting and interesting. Because every day will be faced with a new product that will soon radically change the world of information technology. Besides, the work is considered very prestigious and eliminates any physical activity.

Also, many are encouraged by the fact that this profession is equally suitable for both men and women. Moreover, it can be a lifeline for those who due to health problems can not get more hard work.

However, there are drawbacks. Chief among them is the high level of competition caused by the lack of high-paying orders. You should also pay attention to the moment that a tester spends a lot of time at the computer. However, he is not just sitting behind him, and fully absorbed in what is happening on the monitor. This may cause problems with vision, which is extremely unpleasant.

a tester for what it is


It is difficult to deduce an arithmetic average salary of a software tester. This is due to the fact that it depends on how lucky specialist. So, you can take one order for 10 thousand rubles, and to do it for a week, and you can get 20 thousand rubles, and can't beat her for a whole month.

And yet it's safe to say that the income of a novice tester in the range of 10-15 thousand rubles a month. An experienced professional can earn the same money twice as fast. A full-time employee of a prestigious company and does gets about 40-45 thousand rubles.

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