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The Activities of workers in many specialties that are in demand in Russian companies is regulated by the professional standards — the sources of rules approved by state agencies. The relevant documents can be subsequently used by employers to implement and improve its own management policies in certain directions. For example, in personnel management. What is the specificity of the professional standards specialist in the management of staff? What human functions should be performed by personnel in accordance with the rules established by this document?

personnel Specialist professional standard

What are the sources of law approved by the professional standards of the HR person?

The Professional standards for management personnel, as well as many other sources such appointments are approved at the state level. The main legal act that establishes the relevant rules — Order Mintrudsotsrazvitiya of the Russian Federation No. 691н, adopted on 06.10.2015. This source of law corresponds with the provisions of the decree of the RF government No. 23, approved on 22.11.2013.

The Professional standards for management staff that promulgated by the state reglamentary, first of all, the characteristics of job functions, which is characteristic for the personnel officer. What? We are talking about the following:

  • Documentation activities;
  • Providing the company with personnel;
  • Evaluation and certification of specialists;
  • Development of personnel potential of the company;
  • Promoting the employees comfortable working environment;
  • The implementation of the social policy of the organization;
  • Participation in strategic personnel management.

Note that profstandart, designed for HR professionals, also establishes qualification requirements for employees performing corresponding work. Only when the presence of a certain level of knowledge and skills the employer is recommended to have the decision of a group of tasks within implementation of human resource policies.Consider the specific functions listed in the table above in more detail.


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Employment functions of human resources: documentation of activities

So established in the Russian Federation the professional standards of the personnel involves the performance of expert work related to documentary support of the process of personnel management.

This activity include:

  • Preparation of corporate documents necessary for the legitimization of labor relations with hired employees (contract projects for various positions, job descriptions, collective agreements);
  • Welcome from the workers, signing contracts, personal documents (work record books, diplomas, cards);
  • Reporting to government agencies responsible for monitoring labour relations in enterprises in various aspects — including tax, financial (we are talking about such agencies as Tradespace, FNS, extra-budgetary funds).

the Development of professional standards in the field of personnel management

Consider the activity of the personnel — among the most important. Another significant group of tasks HR specialist (profstandart instructs to do so), associated with the provision of employees of the company.

Consider them.

Functions of HR: securing enterprise staff

A Specialist in personnel management (profstandart also reglementary the appropriate direction of his work) should contribute to the firm's skilled workers. Actually, this is one of the main tasks of the person holding the position.

Professional standard of Manager HR

Considering the direction, which sets professional standards for personnel managers, suggests:

  • The formation of vacancies in the enterprise, requirements to the candidates for their replacement;
  • Publication of information on the relevant positions in media, specialized portals;
  • Interaction with consultants on the staff, the specialized structures;
  • Call for candidates for vacancies, conducting interviews with them;
  • Clearance specialists passed the tests to work;
  • Adaptation of new employees to the manufacturing process in the company.

The Next most important activity of the HR Manager of the enterprise — evaluation and certification of professionals working in the firm.

Functions of the personnel: the evaluation and certification of professionals

Human resources Specialist (professional standard adopted by the government, establishes the obligation) tasks associated not only with attracting and ensuring the effective integration of new employees into the company, but also assistance to maintain the level of their skills, knowledge and required competencies.

More Often the direction of a personnel officer includes regular assessment of the level of knowledge and skills of employees of the company and personnel certification. Responsible specialist in this case may conduct interviews, tests, invite external experts — to identify the level of training of employees on certain posts. If the employee has not passed the test, the HR identifies the factors in the emergence of such a situation. If necessary — helps employees who are experiencing difficulties in work, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Specialist in personnel management profstandart

Considering the direction of a specialist in personnel management can be part of his next work function related to the development of human resources of the organization.

Development of human potential as a function of the personnel Manager

Human resources Specialist (professional standard also establishes the obligation) can solve problems related to the improvement of professional knowledge, skills and competences of employees. The corresponding direction of activity of the personnel most often include:

  • Organization of corporate training of employees;
  • The direction of employees to courses in specialized educational institutions;
  • Organization of training employees at partner companies;
  • Private courses improve the competence in the issues of personnel development.

The Employee has sufficient qualifications and are able to effectively engage in the labor process, must receive a good salary and have the opportunity to carry out their activities in a comfortable environment. Human resources specialist (professional standard implies it) can be responsible for the timely establishment of the mentioned working conditions of employees of the company.

Providing comfortable working conditions as a function of the job recruiter

The direction of the personnel officer include:

  • Interaction with management, financial services and other responsible units on the payment timely submitted in sufficient volume and indexed salaries of staff;
  • Communication with employees of certain divisions to identify requirements and wishes regarding the optimization of working conditions, compensation;
  • Providing different bonuses and privileges, cooperation with security service of labor on ensuring comfortable conditions for the employees of their professional activities.

Pretty close to consider the employment functions of a specialist service personnel is the focus of work of the personnel associated with the implementation of social policy. Learn its features.

Realization of corporate social policy as a function of the personnel

A Specialist in personnel management (professional standards governing the work of the personnel implies the presence of similar charge) can solve problems related to the implementation of corporate social policy. This activity involves:

  • The interaction of the personnel with the managers responsible for the implementation of social policies on organizational matters;
  • The participation of management staff to improve implementation of respective policies of the company;
  • The interaction of the personnel with the company's employees to identify needs and desires in the obtaining of preferences and opportunities in the framework of the company social policy.

Considering the direction of the personnel officer legally attributed to strategic. So it largely overlaps with the following employment function, which professional standard of the management staff requires to perform — strategic personnel management. Study it in more detail.

Strategic human resource management as a function expert staff

This activity is the personnel officer may include:

  • Measurement of productivity in the various production sites;
  • Identify the weak points in the personnel management system;
  • Formulation of proposals for improving the relevant system in the context of the strategic objectives of the company.

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