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In this article we will talk about one of the most responsible professions. Trademark operator, the job is very important and complex. All features of this profession will be explained later.

Who is a freight operator?

The specialist is responsible for the safety, quality and transportation of various raw material in oil production. This work is very responsible, and therefore heavy. This is due to the fact that the slightest mistake will lead to very big problems. So, if due to oversight, commodity operator happens the wrong mixture of different substances, you will lose a huge part of resources. Problems can occur with the movement of substances, their supply, preservation, etc.

A freight operator controls the activity of a large number of workers. And it also has an impact on the profession; if at least one worker makes a mistake, the blame will fall on his head. That is why a freight operator should be relaxed, not prone to stress man. The work is really specific, but prestigious and well-paid.

Responsibilities of commodity operator

Who really has many different functions - is the person with the profession, "commodity operator". commodity operatorThe Duties of the employee always are, and they are really very much. Following are just some of the functions of a representative of the profession in question.

A freight operator is required to manage the transportation of products of the enterprise for oil refining. Besides, the goods should be checked periodically for quality. It also deals with the specialist. It is very important that mined and processed products fully meet the standards. It is equally important to monitor the quality of raw material storage. All of these features are also inherent in the commodity operator. His responsibilities include such fine features as the control of inventory on production, characterization of products, working with documents etc.


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Professional requirements

Like any other professional, commercial operator must meet a number of requirements. commodity operatorAnd the requirements for it are very high. This is due, of course, with the weight of responsibility that rests with the expert.

High-Quality employee in the field of oil refining must have, of course, punctuality. After all, this profession is a very demanding job. A freight operator must calculate all the details. Moreover, a competent specialist should always be prepared for the worst. And it's "the worst" by any means necessary to prevent it.

The Representative of this profession should have quite deep knowledge in the field of chemistry, physics and logistics. Any gap in knowledge - and a mistake. Hence, by the way, is the following requirement: the ability to handle stress. Whatever happens, the professional must always remain calm and reasonable person. You need to understand that fear and anxiety does not help matters, but only exacerbate it.

Characteristics of the 2-nd and 3-rd level

Has the profession of a "commodity operator" level, each characterized by specific requirements.  commodity operator jobsBelow you will find the characteristics of each category.

Feature 2-d level

A Worker is required to observe the following activities: to heat substances, check the cleanliness and sterility of the containers, prepare the filling, taking samples, weigh products, to do loading and unloading work. Can be inherent and some other minor activities.

Feature 3-d level

Filling of tanks, pouring of chemicals and harmful substances from containers, maintenance of equipment (no more than 40 thousand tons per year), storage of products, determining the weight of tanks, temperature measurement. This includes preparation of tanks and other equipment repair work, as well as preparation of documents for loading / unloading. There are other types of activities.

Characteristics of the 4th and 5th digits

Features of 4-th category

Working with the hardware implementation from 40 to 100 thousand tons per year. Service different kind of working areas - implementation of up to 5 thousand tons per day (this includes marinas, ramps, loading points, etc.). commodity operator levelManufacturing specific solutions, the control samples. Care health inventory for heating substances. Keeping records on the work in the parks. All the features main. There are the workers of the 4th grade and many other features.

Features 5-th category

Maintenance of equipment implementation of over 100 thousand tons per year. Maintenance parks implementation of up to 10 thousand tons per day. Operations regarding delivery, shipment and clearance of payments to transport companies. Financial control over the railway. Over alustame and livecam. Can relate to technician 5th grade and some other less important responsibilities.

Characteristics of the 6-th and 7-th bits

the work of a freight operator

Requirements for employees 6-th category

Management of all works. Maintenance of equipment implementation of over 100 thousand tons per year. Maintenance of parks, bridges, factories, wharves, etc., the implementation of more than 10 thousand tons per day. Leadership over the workers that are engaged in system of automatic loading and unloading. Quality control of oil products, for its preservation. Work with the computer center - training information for him. Guidance to all operators by category below. Can be characterized by some other functions.

Requirements for employees of 7-th category

A freight operator the last category is required to provide leadership related to reception, storage and holiday of oil products, the implementation of more than 130 thousand tons per year. Leadership should be exercised over the work areas: overpasses, piers, unloading and loading items, plants etc. And areas these can be implementation of over 16 thousand tons per day. It is necessary to service and capacity, the volume of which may exceed 20 tons. Directs the operator of the 7-th digit reception and delivery of the product. It is also necessary to maintain constant communication with the Manager of the oil base, with the computer center and with other items. The representative of the specialty 7-th digit may be granted to many other roles and responsibilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Like any other profession, the work of commodity operator has a number of advantages and disadvantages. commodity operator trainingWhat more will be explained later.

Consider a profession has the following advantages:

  • High wages. Of course, it all depends on the category. However, the income from commodity operators do high: from 20 to 75 thousand.
  • Ability to climb the corporate ladder. If you set a clear goal and begin to actively work, you can soon enough grow professionally. In the profession of commodity operator for this purpose has every chance.
  • Study. Don't underestimate the demand for this profession as "commercial operator". Training - one of the benefits of this work. It is not necessary to finish school to occupy the workplace at least on the second level. It will be enough to finish any technical College, according to the work of the specialty. Full list of majors available for the reporting profession, can be easily found on the Internet. But it is necessary to call an educational institution that specifically prepares commodity operators: it Leninogorsk Polytechnic College.

Among the disadvantages of the profession, you can highlight excessive responsibility for any actions. Some companies are present and harmful working conditions.

About the importance of considering profession

A freight operator is one of the most important professions in the state. After all, oil provides the Russian economy the most. In fact, representatives of the reporting profession is the economic pillar of the state, its Foundation.commodity operator responsibilities Those young people, that is only thinking about his future, should take note of such a profession as "commercial operator". Jobs in this specialty are now available in sufficient quantity.

In conclusion, we should say that the profession of commodity operator exactly can be called prestigious. This is a difficult and demanding job, but lucrative and interesting.

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