What to feed the goose in the first month of life?


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In this article we will talk about what to feed the goose to grow up healthy and strong. This issue is critical for farmers. As soon as the goslings dry, they immediately need to feed. In the first month of life the food should be intense, and most importantly, balanced.

Feeding in first two weekswhat to feed the gander

Many poultry lovers are asking: "is it possible to feed the geese, and what can't?" Actually, you can feed a lot of it, as long as the first week of life the calves received adequate nutrition. To do this, boil eggs, finely chop and mix with crushed corn, oats or semolina, feed. You can add dry white bread, pre-soaked in water. Very useful chopped dandelion greens, nettles, alfalfa. Mashed root vegetables (beets, carrots) will perfectly complement the diet of goslings. When the Chicks will be 4-5 days, enter in their menu, cake, and dairy products (cottage cheese, sour milk, skim milk). Two weeks the goslings are preparing mash from the feed or grain (sifted from the shells), mixed with milk or broth. If fresh herbs are not yet, you need to add food vitamins. Purchase the special flour of vitamins and herbs or prepare your own mixture. To do this, mix hay dust, the usual yeast and fish oil. Chalk, gravel or sand is also recommended to add. Now you know what to feed a 2-week-old goslings. But how often should it be done? To month, the frequency of meals should be approximately 7 times per day, while in the troughs should always be clean boiled water, as geese (and ducks) washed down the food with water.

Feeding the geese from the third week of lifewhat to feed a 2 week goslings

What to feed the goose at the age of three weeks? During this period a third of the feed grain can be replaced by boiled potatoes, also good food residues. Continue to give cake, greens, vegetables, peas, shell or chalk, add salt. Move goslings for 3-4 meals a day. Morning and evening feed mash, and the day chopped vegetables and herbs. At night you can put in the bird feeder just crumbles or grain waste. Now the youngsters can be translated in an unheated room and walk, holding water treatment. If the street is very hot, it is advisable to take care of the canopy.


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Monthly Feeding of goslings

When the youngsters marks the month, the question of what to feed the goose who dare. Now you can safely switch to whole grains (sprouted or soaked). Enough to pour feed 3 times a day. By this time the grass is already a lot, so the main source of food for goslings be green.

what to feed goslings

Some rules of feeding and care

To Determine what to feed the gander, let's talk about some of the intricacies on care and maintenance:

  • The first couple of days brood are fed from the trays and drinkers must be vacuum;
  • Week of age they are transferred to wooden trough;
  • Feeders for adult birds put, when youngsters will be 1.5 months;
  • Always apply the fresh feed and clean the feeder before each feeding;
  • Do not use water from reservoirs, especially for goslings up to 1 month;
  • Through the day, make a solution of water and potassium permanganate pale pink color (to prevent diseases);
  • Start with walking 15 minutes a day;
  • Water treatments should begin with warm water, then the temperature is gradually reduced.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the feeding of goslings there. Most importantly, to provide their nutrients in the first month of life, and then only to support growth.

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