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Raspberries-very tasty and useful berry. It is juicy, fragrant and sweet, and completely unpretentious. Shrubs can grow in almost any soil and in different climatic regions. But do not forget that the external environment and the use of proper agricultural techniques greatly affect productivity. From one Bush you can get some small berries and a couple pounds of juicy fruit. Not the last role in obtaining high yield plays timely transplanting raspberries.transplanting raspberries

Why you need a transplant?

This berry, like any other garden plant, needs a certain set of minerals that Bush gets from the soil. If raspberry is on the same place a few years, then the soil is gradually depleted, and even fertilizing are unable to rectify the situation. The berries on the bushes are shrinking, productivity drops, decreases the number of new shoots. That is why transplanting raspberries should be carried out every 3-4 years, because even in the wild raspberries are not on the same place. In the natural environment shrubs rarely grow in the same areas more than 10-12 years, and abundant fruiting was observed only in 3-5 years. Then the old bushes die off, and young shoots capture new place.raspberry transplant timeline

Transplanting raspberries: planting dates

Theoretically, the bushes can be transplanted in the fall though, at least in the spring. However, many gardeners are inclined to think that the optimum time to transplant raspberries – the end of summer. Many have called the best period for transfer of shoots September or even early October, however, you must remember that the planting material must have time to root before frost. It is therefore necessary to focus on a specific climatic region and on long-term weather forecast. And if the summer was cold and expected a cold fall with early frosts, you can transplant in late July. Transplant raspberries in the spring is before managed to swell the buds.time to transplant raspberries


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For propagation choose the young green shoots that have never fruited. Then the seedlings are thoroughly inspected, weak, thin and diseased stems are discarded. The above-ground part of shoots is trimmed to 30-35 cm, partially rotten or damaged roots are removed until healthy shoots.

Transplanting raspberries: agricultural machinery

Raspberries are transplanted into the holes or grooves with a depth of 20-35 cm Seedlings deepen to the same level they were growing before, then sprinkle the compost and covered with soil that is lightly tamped. Then the bushes watered – 6-8 liters for each seedling. In arid soils of the grooves or holes not fully fall asleep, leaving room for water collection. In waterlogged soil planting raspberries in raised beds and excess water is removed using degradnig furrows. After planting the soil around the shrub it is necessary to mulch, as mulch you can use sawdust, peat, dry bark, straw, etc.

Important information: before transplanting, be sure that raspberry reduced productivity due to the lack of nutrients and not due to any disease or pest. Otherwise, even if the transfer of the raspberry bushes to a new location a good harvest to fail.

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