Tractor MTZ-80: history of creation and main characteristics.


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Today we will talk about the famous tractor MTZ-80. Discuss its main characteristics and modifications.



The Establishment of MTZ 80/82 began after the decree of Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union number 606, in which it was said that it is necessary to create a universal row-crop tractor, which relates to a traction class 1.4, with an engine power of 75 to 85 horsepower.

To significantly reduce production costs and speed up the process of reconstruction, the plant management decided on the modernization of the tractor MTZ brand 50/52. In the very structure of MTZ-50 was added a number of improvements. Among the external changes can be noted that the new tractor MTZ-80 got a new cabin cushions, and, most importantly, the tractor was a new upgraded engine with increased power.

In early 1972, MTZ-80 passed its first test, during which it was revealed that about 230 of the units and weapons you can use at work. Due to the installation of the new engine, which is 2200 revs per minute, speed of the tractor MTZ-80 increased to 33 km/h, making transport work can be done faster. Mass production Tractor new modifications began in 1974. Photo of the tractor MTZ-80 was published in local sources of information Toto time.

tractor MTZ-80 photo

Quick feature

The Degree of similarity of parts of tractors "Belarus-50" and MTZ-80 is equivalent to about 70 %, but it is worth noting that most of the Assembly units is more modernized.

The MTZ-80 is virtually no different from its predecessors: polorama design of the drivetrain, engine location front, powered rear wheels are increased in diameter, guiding the front wheels is reduced. The tractor MTZ-80 there's only rear-wheel drive, but the MT-82 all-wheel drive.


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repair of the tractor MTZ-80

The Engine

"Belarus-80" set 4-stroke diesel engines models D-240 D-243, which have four cylinders.

The Manufacturer of these engines Minsk motor plant. This engine has polarisavenue the combustion chamber and liquid cooling. The working volume is equal to 4.75 liters, 80 HP, starts with electric start, in some cases starting engine brand PD-10, it has 10 HP

Some engines are sometimes installed pre-heater brand PJB-200Б.


But it's installed only manual transmission. Clutch single-disk, constantly closed, dry. Transmission is represented by two stages and two bands, and is complemented by a reduction gearbox. Thus, there are 18 gears forward and 4 back. Is possible to install Horomerice.

On tractors manufactured after 1985, hydraulically controlled transmission, switching which is possible to load that allows you to select one of the 4 transmissions within the range included, without a clutch.

Rear axle features a differential lock function, the control function using the pedal, which is located on police in the cockpit. On newer tractors the lock-up control hydraulic that allows you to switch modes without much effort.


Pneumatic: control valve and compressor, which ensure the efficiency of the brakes of the trailer.

Electrical system: starter (for engine start), lighting, cab ventilation (air conditioning), in some cases, possible installation of alarm systems.

Hydraulic equipment: three-section slide-valve valve, rear cylinder, position and force controller, the Gear pump brand NSH-32.

Repair of the tractor MTZ-80 does not require a great amount of money and plenty of time, as all components are easily replaceable.


Modifications of tractor "Belarus-80" great set, below you will see the main ones:

  • Belarus-80.1 - features a large cockpit, he as well as MTZ-80, has a rear-wheel drive.
  • MTZ-82 and 82.1 - wheel drive, the second option has a large cabin.
  • Belarus-82R - rice tractor.
  • Belarus-82К - designed to perform work on steep slopes (up to twenty degrees).
  • Belarus-80/82B - differs from the basic variant by the fact that in this model, the reversing gearbox is installed.
  • Belarus-82 MK - is intended for performance of municipal works.
  • T-80L - used in the timber industry, has an engine of higher power, so that the maximum speed is 36 km/h. the Wheels are the same size.

Interesting facts

The Saratov factory "Mossar" involved in the release of the lineup of tractors "Belarus 80/82" in scale 1:43. In the sixth issue of the journal "Tractors: history, people and machines" there was a tractor MTZ-80 in a red color, and in the twenty-ninth edition it was possible to buy MTZ-82 blue. After several subsequent releases will model rice tractor modification MTZ-82R in blue color.

MTZ-80 82

One has only to pose myself the question, what is the tractor, and in the subconscious occurs a photo of the tractor MTZ-80. The model for its existence has undergone many improvements and modifications, but remains a major in agriculture and beyond.


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