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What is business management? This General ordering of the company, specifying the sequence of actions, and boundaries within which to work. Socio-economic environment of the enterprise – facility management organization. It includes employees, items of labour, Finance, information resources.

To organize the management of the enterprise must perform a number of tasks:

  • Set goals;
  • Create a community of people;
  • Form the organizational structure;
  • To create the necessary conditions.

Consider the basic functions that are inherent to the organization of enterprise management:

  • The achievement of enterprise objectives;
  • Reduction of the costs of the company;
  • Division of labour, through which staff more efficiently perform their duties.

There are the following types of division of labor, both horizontal and vertical. In the first case, the company creates units that perform a variety of specialized functions. During vertical separation of the generated control levels. The leaders of each of them to identify problems, find ways and solutions, assign responsible personnel to devote time to the task.

There are the following levels of government with clear separation of functions:

1. The bottom, or technical. It is treated the managers who decide particular issues in meeting their objectives (production, profit, etc.), as well as work directly with the performers.

2. Middle or managerial level. This includes managers who oversee several departments of the enterprises and heads of target projects and programs, service and support industries.


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3. Higher, or institutional management level. Is the administration of enterprises engaged in addressing critical strategic problems at the level of the entire enterprise (development, choice of market, financial management, etc.).

Experts in the field of management A. Thompson and A. Strickland, has developed the theory of management of organizations. According to their approach there are levels of strategic management

1. Corporate strategy. It relates to the overall goals of the company and all of its space. These levels of government perform the function of making the most important technical, production, economic problems. Obychno makes decisions the Board of Directors. This includes managing senior staff.

2. Business strategy. Comes down to success in the competitive market of individual business. At this level, solve the following problems: increased competitiveness and responsiveness to external changes, the definition of strategy of behaviour of the main structural units. The decision-making body at this level, is the Board of Directors, as it may be, Director-General, heads of departments.

3. A functional strategy. Creates a sequence of actions to achieve the set targets in each area of activity. These levels of company management to provide analysis, review, synthesis of proposals made by managers, and actions to achieve the objectives of this unit and support the chosen strategy. Such levels include middle managers. Decisions are taken by heads of departments.

4. The operating strategy. Contains specific strategies for individual structural units of the enterprise, management levels, including leaders in the field. Solved problems specific to that particular unit. Make the big decisions, leaders of departments and functional services.

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