Igor ashurbeyli, the great, the Russian defense industry and entrepreneur


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Igor ashurbeyli, scientist, businessman, public figure, philanthropist.

Date of birth: 09.09.1963.

Place of birth: Baku (Azerbaijan).

Igor ashurbeyli

The paternal ancestor of Igor ashurbeyli was Ashur-Khan Afshar – war Minister (Sardar) of Azerbaijan (mid XVIII century). He was a cousin of the Shah of Iran Nadir-Shah Afshar came Ashur Khan ample land on the outskirts of Baku. The descendants of the Khan, received from the king a title of nobility and took the name Ashurbekova, entered the history of the Russian Empire as a successful oil businessmen and generous philanthropists. The end of prosperity put revolution. The power of the Soviets took the family all he could, – land, homes, businesses, business. Many emigrated, others decided on their own risk to stay. To noble origin was not evident, the heads of the families got rid of the basics "Beck" in their names (with Turkic "Beck" translates as “ruler, Prince, Lord”). So Ashurbekova turned into ashurbeyli. But it is still not saved from repression. In Stalin's torture chambers are gone along with other representatives of the ancient family of great-grandfather and grandfather Igor ashurbeyli.

Mother's side the ancestors Igor ashurbeyli was the Nizhny Novgorod peasants. Before the revolution his great-grandfather Grigory Rezanov began to come back to work in Azerbaijan (by profession he was a Mason). And when he found a permanent job in Baku, then moved to and family. In 1919, Gregory joined the Bolshevik party. After returning from the red army Rezanov began to make a party career, while engaging in consumer cooperation.

Parents Igor ashurbeyli grew up in neighboring houses and had known each other since childhood. Married Rauf and Elizabeth in 1962. On September 9, 1963 in the family got their first and only child. “This kid has a great future, believe me!” says happy mother's doctor who delivered. Her words proved prophetic.

After the birth of Elizabeth, he completely dedicated himself to his upbringing. And just when the boy grew up, the woman decided to go back to work – the Institute of space research, where she held the position of engineer-metrologist. The boy's father, Rauf Davudovich, he devoted himself to science. His professional fate was connected with the Azerbaijan Institute of petrochemical processes.

One of the most important people for Igor ashurbeyli was the maternal grandmother, Eugenia Grigorievna. She baptized the boy secretly in Pyatigorsk the temple of the Mother of God.

Since childhood, Igor ashurbeyli drew game where you have to think strategically. First, a favorite pastime was soldiers, later he switched to chess. No special trouble to their parents, the boy did not deliver. He was obedient, quickly learned to read and could spend for an interesting book all day. But already at that time manifested his desire for leadership. If he got in school four, and not five, was crying. Not surprisingly, Igor ashurbeyli became the gold medalist.

In the Summer of 1980 a young man was enrolled in Azerbaijani Institute of oil and chemistry. On items of interest for faculty automation of production processes was a huge contest, but Igor ashurbeyli coped brilliantly with the examination test. Training was given ashurbeyli easily. In his spare time he worked as a laboratory assistant at the Alma mater, and during the summer holidays, I went with the construction team through the cities and villages of the USSR.

In 1983, Igor ashurbeyli married his classmate Victoria. And in 1984 the young couple had a son Ruslan. The year 1985 was marked by the successful protection of the diploma, but ashurbeyli was not going to break up with science. In 1987 certified systems engineer enrolled in graduate school home University. Looking ahead, we say that a Ph. D. was a few years later, in 1992.

In the late 1980s, the country was booming. Perestroika opened the Soviet citizens of many of these unprecedented opportunities. One of them – the law on cooperatives. In 1988, Igor ashurbeyli established a cooperative, called “the Society”. Then he initiated the establishment of the Association of scientific and industrial enterprises of Azerbaijan, standing at the head of the organization.

Igor ashurbeyli, scientist, businessman, public figure

In 1991, Igor ashurbeyli launches two new project – commodity exchange in Baku and “International exchange of information and Telecom» in Moscow. This time Igor ashurbeyli describes as “a period of breakthrough”. Then he moved to live in Russia.

In the defense industry Igor ashurbeyli got a chance. His company rented an office in the territory belonging to the NGO «Diamond». The leadership of the defense giant noticed a young businessman, in a market environment like a fish in water and show nedyuzhy organizational skills. “this is the best candidate for the role of crisis Manager!” - thought leaders of the company and went to talks. Offer Igor ashurbeyli found it flattering, though unexpected, and, on reflection, agreed to this “adventure”. Thought came to “Diamond” in just six months. But six months remained for 17 years.

With the help of Igor ashurbeyli, has not only managed to pull the company out of debt, but also start the process of conversion. In 2000, Igor ashurbeyli headed the OJSC “CDB “Diamond”. Under his leadership, the “Diamond” came to the arms market with the new developments. The company actively worked with defense contracts; was the modernization of the old anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes; created weapons for a new generation of air and missile defense. “Diamond” began to supply missile system for export. Competent economic policy has led to an increase in the profits of the enterprise, growth of wages and social benefits. The company flourished. One of the merits ashurbeyli – adherence to the company a few head of arms development for different types of troops.

Continued Igor ashurbeyli to implement other interesting projects. In 2003, he created and headed VES on problems of aerospace defense, in 2006 he established CJSC “Military-industrial company" (MIC), engaged in publishing activities.

In 2011, Igor ashurbeyli was removed from the post of the General Director of “Diamond”. After retirement he had time to defend his doctoral thesis, which he did in the same year.

Today, Igor ashurbeyli continues to lead an active social life, issues magazines, helps to restore the temples. His firm is “the Society” has grown for a quarter century, a diversified holding company.

A New ambitious project of Igor ashurbeyli is associated with space, or rather from the first in the history of planet space state “Asgardia”, which Igor Raufovich founded in the fall of 2016.

One day, Igor ashurbeyli answered the question, what is the basis for his excellent reputation in the business. First, people should not promise anything extra, and secondly, you need to always do what is promised. These principles ashurbeyli is strictly followed in professional life and in private.  


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