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Cosmetic laboratories GIGI ("Gigi") is focused on the consistent development of its products, relying on advanced technology active cosmetology involving the use of natural ingredients and special equipment. Cosmetics from Israel provides effective and visible results. The products of the laboratory are biocompatible and tested in the most prestigious dermatological institutes in the world. Superior production conditions, meticulous quality control and verification of the effectiveness guarantee high-quality products.

gigi cosmetics reviews

Company Information

The Company GIGI cosmetic laboratories was established in 1957 by Eliezer Landau, whose main objective was the creation of one of the leading professional cosmetics companies in Israel taking into account the requests and needs of customers and consumers. Like any other self-respecting company, "Gigi cosmetics" has its own slogan, which reads as follows: "You are in good hands with "Gigi"!". The secrets of success cosmetic laboratories are trust, professionalism, innovation and loyalty. At the time, starting with just a pair of products, modern professional cosmetics GIGI offers more than 400 quality products which are divided into two categories: products for use in beauty salon and products for the end user. Currently cosmetic laboratories "Gigi" cover more than 60% of the professional cosmetic market in Israel, as well as actively exporting their products around the world.


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cosmetics from Israel

Using the latest active ingredients

Cosmetics from Israel has one important feature that is its trademark: used for its manufacture advanced active ingredients. Close cooperation between cosmetic laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers allows GIGI to be the first company that uses pharmaceutical ingredients that can be used in cosmetic products. Cosmetic laboratories "Gigi" run an average of about two new series each year. Since 1990 the company maintains common European market standards, as well as the Israeli quality standards regarding production and control. Used packaging and GIGI cosmetics (Israel) do not pollute the environment, and the products themselves are not tested on animals.

gigi cream

Family traditions

"Gigi cosmetics" follows a family tradition since the founding of the company. Ron Landau, following the traditions established by his father, Eliezer Landau, acknowledges that the company – it is primarily people who contribute to its success. Israeli GIGI professional cosmetics is a leader in the Israeli market of professional cosmetics. The concept of the company is based on a combination of the latest achievements of scientific research in the field of dermatology and fitoterapiya. All this allows you to create unique cosmetic products.

gigi cosmetic laboratories

Wide product range

A Modern brand "Gigi" are 16 lines of various cosmetic products. In accordance with skin type, any client can make a choice in the direction of a particular product. The wide range gives you the opportunity to make a real beauty salon at home. An important advantage of the brand is the integrated approach to care for face and body, including GIGI cream in the range, peeling and cleansing. To achieve high quality and unique composition, the development of each drug goes a long way testing and inspections at the time it may take about 5 years. The results of many years of work are not in vain, the regular use of cosmetic products to care for face and body, bringing them closer to the ideal state. In addition, there are also age-related.

cosmetics gigi shops Moscow

Popular products according to consumers

What GIGI (cosmetics) receives feedback regarding the most popular products? One of the products which the bad speak, is the new, innovative anti-aging series “bio-plasma”, based on ingredients extracted from the ocean depths, which, combined with herbal supplements will allow the skin to resist adverse effects of environment and age changes. Popular remedies for oily skin to reduce acne symptoms. A series of “New century” is designed for Mature skin, especially for women over 35 years old, problem which are signs of fatigue, stress and aging, wrinkles, sallow complexion and an uneven jaw line. Closer to summer demand means to care for the skin from the “sun”. Unique formula blocks 90% of solar radiation that causes premature aging. Protective means are suitable for all skin types.

professional cosmetics gigi

GIGI cosmetics: reviews

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, plant extracts and vitamins, the Israeli cosmetics face care moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin and produces a rejuvenating effect. GIGI (cosmetics) reviews at specialized sites and forums gets very different. Any, even high quality products may not be ideally suited to everyone. There is, although minimal, the possibility of allergic reactions to natural ingredients. Some skin problems can not be solved using only the cream. Each negative case requires detailed consideration and investigation.

gigi cosmetics Israel

International recognition

The Products of Israeli stamps have received international acclaim and currently holds a leading position on cosmetic market of professional products, which are successfully exported far beyond the borders of Israel. Regional offices can be found in Japan, Hungary, America, Germany, India, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and some other countries.

professional cosmetics gigi

To Buy cosmetics in specialized stores-the right solution

Where you can buy cosmetics GIGI? Shops (Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and many other major cities and capitals in this respect, fortunate) is the best option. Also the correct and reasonable solution is to buy products in trusted online stores, which give a 100% guarantee of quality. Cosmetics combines natural ingredients and advanced science of biotechnology, which give the opportunity to make drugs unique, active and effective. In addition, products are constantly updated and improved. Its quality is regularly tested in leading laboratories of America, Japan, Israel, also conducted specialized studies in major international medical centers.

gigi cosmetics reviews

The gifts of the Dead sea for health and beauty

Dead sea - one of the world's natural wonders, formed over millions of years at the lowest point on Earth. For countless generations has accumulated a huge stock of natural minerals and elements that have been known for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties. The composition of the Dead sea is considered unique, it contains much higher levels of magnesium, calcium, silicon, sodium, and potassium than any other salt lake in the world. The Israeli cosmetic industry engaged in the production of medical cosmetics, which is based on the healing power of the Dead sea, Judea desert and local medicinal plants.

gigi cosmetics reviews

Professional products for skin care, medicinal and decorative cosmetics GIGI (the reviews on many sites and forums confirm its effectiveness) are supplied to private consumers through a network of distributors, cosmetologists and spas around the world. All products contain natural nutrients and vitamin C from the minerals and plants native to Israel. gigi cosmetics reviewsGIGI – this is one of the well-known Israeli cosmetics companies, which has quite a long history. Created back in 1957 by Eliezer Landau, it has more than 400 cosmetic products, which are not available in pharmacies they usually can be found in the cosmetic studios, spas, and specialized online stores. The company continues to implement continuous and effective work for the improvement and production of new drugs in the field of eco...

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