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It is Known that the beauty of love all the people on earth. But it is different. For example, for someone - is the ability to dress well, for someone is the ability to correctly present yourself, but for someone beauty is beautiful and manicured nails. Sometimes the nails become a source of pride and envy. After all, to grow very long nails, you need a good and long care for them, not to forget about different vitamins and minerals, and the very human need to eat right. This is a very laborious affair, but it's worth it.

the longest fingernails

Every time people try to impress each other more and more. If we talk about beauty, it was the kind of person who want to grow the longest fingernails on the planet and did it. The owner of such nails was Redman, who lived in the United States of America. Their length amounted to eight meters sixty five centimeters. Her nails grew so, If carefully looked after them and not cut them for almost thirty years. In 2008 in Madrid conducted their measurements.

very long nails

Each of us will marvel at the sight of this: how can you grow such long nails? How to live with them? And that is all they can do in the garden and at home? How much you want to love your nails and how much patience to have to not cut them, but also to give them a lot of time! The owner of this miracle did not all in vain, because the long nails is not only a source of pride, but also a world record for her.

In order to grow such nails, a woman had limited myself in many ways. She has maintained a certain individual diet that includes plenty of foods with vitamins and minerals to strengthen nails. At the same time they had to practice every day without rest, and do special baths that strengthen the entire nail plate. The longest fingernails (photo submitted) will surprise you. How can you live with such a miracle!? Looking at them, horrified. Although the owner of such nails have argued that they are very convenient and you can do many things, including the housework. It's hard to believe.


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the longest fingernails photo

It is not Surprising that such nails would like to purchase for many. For example, are very interested in them the Japanese, who wanted to buy some nail clippings for a hundred thousand dollars. Amazing figures, isn't it? But the woman did not sell his treasure. Just think: thirty years to spend! But there it was! She stayed true to yourself and your nails.

But in any case, someone is very jealous of her, in 2009, Whether Redmon was in a car accident. The woman remained alive, having received numerous injuries and bruises, but her treasure…!? The longest fingernails sunk into oblivion. It was a tragedy for Lee. Of course, such a case would be for each person by the end of the world. And If the start to grow her nails since 1979! She spent thirty years, but set a world record. And now everyone will remember who does Redmon!

Many girls dream to repeat this record and set, perhaps even more. Well, they can only wish tremendous patience when courting such a miracle.

And the longest in the world the penalty of nails we will remember for a very long time!

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