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Perhaps not every man visits a hairdresser, preferring to perform all procedures independently at home. Well, with the help of his wife, for example. In turn, the girls wonder about how to cut machine man so that he liked, and the taste had. There are a few simple tips that will help with this problem.

how to cut machine man

How to cut a machine man. General rules

First of all deal with the what tool have to use. Let's see what modes are available on the machine, what tips. Be sure to head tool was well lubricated with special oil. Otherwise the machine will tear my hair out and not cut. That obviously will not suit the tastes of your client.

Remember: the original length of the hair plays a huge role. As well as the desired result. Arranging and finite length haircuts and bangs (or its absence), and then, are there transitions in the hair or else it will be “under one nozzle”. All these key points will significantly save time in the process, as well as nerves following the haircut. So, before mowing machine man, discuss all the questions.

how to cut man machine home

If he has long hair

Not a single hair electric tool is unable to cut off very long. So, if your man had the presence of mind to radically change the hairstyle, prepare to start the scissors. They have to be sharp. Buy this professional tool, by the way, not necessarily, because in the end the hair will be sheared off machine. However, the sharpness of the scissors must be clean so as not to tear and not to pull hairs.


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how to cut machine manLightly spray the hair with water, comb, comb with medium teeth. Shears remove length so that it can be “grab” the biggest nozzle of the machine. The bangs don't hurt, its better to cut off at the last moment. If you are wondering about how to cut a man a machine at home, you can peep into the cabin of the technology or watch learning materials for beginning male masters. This is an extreme case, if you really are not confident in their own abilities. But, most likely, it is not required, since nothing complicated in this process.

After the length is removed, you can proceed to the haircut with the aid of nozzles. Pay attention to where and what will be used. Better to start from the back and move to the top, because it is the easiest area that allows you to get the hand. You need to cut from the bottom up. Don't want to miss and top. Shear it against the direction of hair growth, so that nothing is missed.

Cut temples

When the excess hair in the back removed, start the sides. Whiskey is usually cut smaller nozzle, carefully passing the area behind the ears. Watch carefully so that the extra hair was gone. Let them have extra time to spend machine, but the cut will be smooth. In order for the transitions between bits weren't so noticeable, hold the tool at a slight angle and not right next to the head. After the temples, immediately you can cut off excess hair on the back of his neck, if so originally intended. Definitely Strachowice brush hairs when changing nozzles. First, it will prolong the life of the tool. Second, the haircut will be more smooth and regular.

how to cut man machine

Bangs. How to cut?

There are three options: do not touch at all, use scissors, use all the same machine. If the first two are more or less just that last need to understand. Wondering about how to cut male bangs machine, remember the Golden rule: better to use the larger nozzle, than to cut off all the way. Hold the tool at an angle of 45 degrees, to make it easier. If the fringe is too big, remove the length with scissors and then pull the machine. Move it slowly and carefully, slightly progresiva bangs.

The end of the haircut

Are You finished? Look closely at the result. If there were any missed hairs, if nothing sticks out? If not, remove the nozzle without it, do the edging, lining a haircut. How to cut a clipper man, if little skills? Follow this simple instruction. You will succeed. If it is your first haircut, then ask, before the man cut her in the cabin where you started, than finished. Be careful. Tool without a nozzle sharp and can cut. For example, the ear. Or the skin behind the to cut male bangs typewriter

To know how to cut a man a machine, once is enough to try. The most important thing is to choose a good tool. For example, thick hair is impossible to cut off machine with small capacity. But such devices are indispensable for grooming children whose hairs are still thin and light. Too powerful machines are best left to professionals. Even the most budget clippers is doing his work at home. Justifies the cost of itself in just a few months with regular use.


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