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Fashion house Burberry was founded in Britain in 1856. Despite his long successful activity in the fashion industry, working with the Kingdom of fragrances began in its walls recently. The first collection of perfumes was released only at the beginning of the new Millennium. Burberry the invasion was swift and successful. Hundreds of thousands of customers and shoppers were given persistent, charming scents, sold under the brand name of a fashionable English brand.burberry the beat

One of the most successful and memorable scents  - Burberry "The Beat”  - was released in 2008. He is still at the peak of the perfumery and fashion of many countries around the world. The creation of this water was dedicated to the 152 anniversary of the founding of the company.

At the heart of Burberry "The Beat" - the classic conservatism of great Britain and a fresh breath of the new time. This smell miraculously managed to combine seemingly completely incongruous things -simple and complex, old and new. In a bottle of Burberry "The Beat" if the incarnation of the London of the mid-twentieth century - aged and at the same time is unique, filled with the sound of rhythmic music tunes.

On the composition of this fragrance worked for several world-famous perfumers. Among them Oliver Polge, Dominique Ropion and Beatrice Pico. Such a top team, of course, hit the nail, creating a crushing aroma of new time.

When we first met with Burberry "The Beat" you can immediately feel the thrilling notes of spices and citrus fruits. This combination in itself is controversial, but in this fragrance more than organically. The spice and freshness are two sides of the same coin. The balance of flavors more than the original. burberry perfumeMandarin and bergamot, red pepper and cardamom - this mixture ignites the most passionate feelings. Once dissipated the cloud first impressions, you can feel the main aromatic notes of the fragrance Burberry. Toilet water combines sweet notes of Bluebell and iris, fresh tea and charm the magic of hyacinth. In conclusion, the flower soft again changing focus. The final chord of the strict and even a bit sharp. Cedar and musk-a classic, and the balance is very good to complete exciting, bold composition.

Toilet water Burberry "The Beat" a fragrance for the young and daring women. These girls usually don't look back and go through life easily and enjoy it. For them there is no compromise, they appreciate the freedom and lack of commitment. The face of the brand and the new fragrance became a famous model Agnes Deyn. It is, in the opinion of creative professionals, fashion houses, fully combines all these qualities.toilet water burberryTo Mix up a bottle of perfume with something else on the counter cosmetics or perfume store. The upper packing is made in the traditional palette of the world famous English cells, which is famous for fashion house Burberry. The bottle is reminiscent of the elegant, rounded flask, framed around the perimeter with a strip of cotton.

Similar spirits released, by the way, for men. It is based on the same unique originality on the basis of citrus notes, effectively spiced aroma of hot pepper and cedar. The final chords are reminiscent of musk and ambergris.

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