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To ensure an attractive appearance of hair need high-quality professional care. There are many tools designed specifically for this purpose, but not all of them are proving their worth. Hair mask "Estelle” – a product which has won the hearts of many women. To evaluate all of its advantages, it is only necessary to choose the products from the line that matches the type of your locks.

Mask from a company called "Estelle": the pros and cons

The Majority of consumers are assured that they are fully satisfied with the products of renowned firms. With regular use, there have been positive changes in the condition of the hair: improves firmness and elasticity, you receive the extra Shine and breakage disappears. Besides, hair mask "Estelle" fairly easy to use.

hair mask ESTEL

All the benefits of the product is proved by its following features:

  • Lightweight texture that facilitates application of the composition to the locks;
  • High efficiency, whereby the mask does not need to use 1-2 times a week;
  • A large percentage of natural ingredients in the product, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of funds practically was not seen by consumers. According to some women, the product is slightly heavier head of hair, and have effect, only in combination with the balm Estel. Reviews cosmetologists on this score is ambiguous: they say that all depends on the characteristics of the hair structure.

Who should not use the tool?

In principle, to include in your care for curls, this mask can be without any hesitation and precautions. As previously stated, it contains maximum natural ingredients, so the risk of allergies is almost impossible. Contraindications to the use of funds rather General: do not use the product if you are hypersensitive to its specific components, as well as the presence on the scalp damage.


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estel reviews

And, of course, it is understood that hair mask "Estelle" should be selected in accordance with the type of your curls: brunettes will not fit series for blondes, and the owners of straight hair should not look on line for curly strands.

Types of masks

I must say that the development of this protective product, the company approached properly. So, in the market of professional hair cosmetics represented by several lines, each of which takes into account the peculiarities of a particular type of tresses. At this point in the sale you can find such products from the company "Estelle"

  • Mask for damaged hair – Curex Therapy;
  • For all types of curls – Curex Classic;
  • To care for blond hair – Otium Pear;
  • Hair – Curex Color Save;
  • Power mask for the care of long tresses – Otium Flow;
  • Silk mask for curly and frizzy strands – Otium Twist;
  • Night mask – Otium Miracle.

Curex Therapy: recovery and nutrition

The Lifeless hair have lost their luster and elasticity – a fairly common pattern in the present days. Suffering hair caused by many factors, from regular heat styling and ending malnutrition. Series Curex Therapy developed specially to solve those problems.

 Estelle mask for damaged hair

Cream hair mask "Estelle", reviews of which are filled with inspiring comments, makes the shot double action. Thanks to the combination of panthenol and vitamin E, it stimulates the regeneration of hair. Jojoba oil in combination with Biotin supplements this effect, producing hydration of the hair.

Curex Classic: basic care

Even if the locks have a fat structure, it doesn't mean that they don't need care. The saturation of the nutrients you need every hair, regardless of its type. However, sometimes it is so difficult to determine what is exactly required by our tresses. To make things easier, the manufacturer has released a universal product.

nourishing mask for hair care

Hair Mask "Estelle" from the Curex Classic – is a feature that allows to provide proper care any type of hair. In its composition it contains wheat proteins, which are not only involved in the process of reconstructing the structure of the strands and prevent their destruction. In the end, the hair gets additional protection from external influences.

Aqua Pear: blondes help

Many ladies know how hard it is to keep the desired shade of blonde hair. Moreover, this issue concerns the cold tones, as they constantly tries to ruin manifested yellowness. An excellent solution for hair care and simultaneous toning will be the next mask from the "Estelle” – ("Otium") Otium Pear. The facility has a purple tint, so it is not recommended to apply to the hair without the use of protective gloves. The product consists of moisturizing and nourishing components, so the hair after the procedure becomes soft and elastic.

Curex Color Save: lasting color and protection

Under the influence of chemical dyes locks a few change their structure: become less obedient, but more rigid. In addition, the color is not always retains its intensity for a long period, so the procedure must be repeated again and again, leaving no chance to the health of the strands. The mask "Estelle" for color treated hair specifically designed to be able to enjoy the beautiful shade.Estelle mask for colored hair

In a sense, means having the effect of lamination, coating strands with a protective film of wax kendrickova, included in its composition. In addition, hair is given extra hydration and visibly recovering from the effects of chemical dyes.

Otium Flow: length and strength

Girls with long hair know how difficult it is to provide her with quality care. Such curls need enhanced recharge, otherwise they become weak and lifeless. To maintain a healthy and attractive long hair, a special hair mask "Estelle". Reviews show that the regular use noticeably improves the condition of hair, making them stronger and bigger. Due to the unique composition of the mask penetrates deeply into the structure of the strands, ensuring their recovery at the cellular level. Product features nourishes the hair with nutrients along the entire length, preventing breakage and split ends as a result of their drying out.

Otium Twist: the taming of the shrew

To curly locks turned into a fluffy ball, they need to soften and smooth with special tools. Another mask from "Estelle” – ("Otium") Otium Twist - has already become a real must-haves for owners of curls. Its main task is to facilitate combing curly hair and also make it more pliable for styling.

 ESTEL Otium

Two main components of the mask-collagen and silk protein. They give the curls extra softness, and give them a great Shine.

Otium Miracle: a second wind for a tired hair

It is believed that before sleeping is very bad, what can be said about his hair. Nourishing hair mask "Estelle" Otium Miracle – it is an innovative product that allows you to care for hair at night. The product is applied to the strands just before bedtime, then you can safely go to rest. The manufacturer specially provided mask lightweight melting texture, so it dries out quickly and does not cause discomfort. Rinse the product must be in the morning.

Directions for use

Like any other mask for care of hair, remedy of the company "Estelle" apply to slightly damp curls. Before that, it is advisable to take a little part in the hands to warm it up to body temperature. Distribute the mask should popryadno, avoiding the root area. To achieve a noticeable result, it is sufficient 10-15 minutes of the procedure, assured the representatives of the company Estel.

 hair mask ESTEL reviews

Reviews prove that the manufacturer is not cheating, and in a very short time, the hair gain a desired appearance. Trust company "Estelle" or no – you decide. In any case, better to rely on your own experience and not on reviews most consumers.


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