Facial hair: how to achieve it and how to care


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When far away in childhood, many had a strange feeling that is even now preserved, that a man and a woman – like Mars and Venus. The difference between the sexes is huge, but still they are forced to move in the same direction next to each other. Facial hair men – another proof of the existence of these differences.

The Young man can be very affectionate, gentle, a true romantic, but unshaven cheeks immediately give him a real man, able to fend for themselves, to protect his lady.

But care bristles is quite complex. The process of shaving takes a lot of time. If you believe the statistics, then, on average, representatives of a strong half of mankind spend a lifetime caring for bristles 3350 hours and removing 8.4 meters of the hair from the face.

A Few simple tips

Men, whose puberty was in the past, tend to grow stubble simply. But in the force of heredity its axis on the face may be too weak, then the bristle of men would be too rare and soft.

To the vegetation on the face was uniform and dense, you need proper nutrition. Eat dairy products, fish, cheese, and then there are those foods that contain a lot of calcium.

Do Not forget to take vitamins that promote hair growth. These include D, K, Biotin. In addition, they strengthen not only your hair, but also teeth and nails. So you will be able not only to get thick facial hair, but also strengthen your health.


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It Should be noted that the growth and development of the organism as a whole, including the growth of hair, affects physical activity, increasing metabolism. Start to play sports, join a pool, run in the morning, buy roller skates or a Bicycle. So you will be able to increase the physical attractiveness and achieve a gorgeous bristle.

Previously advised facial hair was thick and beautiful, often shave the hair off. This advice though is very arguable, but it has unpleasant consequences. Facial hair is really thicker and will grow faster, but most likely, you will not be able to avoid irritation is that, first, will give you discomfort, and, secondly, will not attract women. But if you are ready for dense vegetation to shave often, then stock up in advance moisturizing and emollient lotions and creams and be sure to use shaving foam. All this will reduce the risk of unpleasant skin irritation. However, remember that the problem it is better to solve from the inside.

Consult a trichologist, or an endocrinologist, who after the tests, will prescribe you a course to stimulate hair growth. In the case if the male hormones will be at a lower level, you will be prompted to begin the use of hormonal means. But it should be noted that these drugs have a very strong influence on the body, so look for a competent and proven professionals.

When the long-awaited stubble on his face finally appears, don't forget to take care of it. Don't forget to trim the hair, giving it the desired shape.


Some young people mustache or unshaven cheeks really to face, but remember that they can completely change the appearance. Women is not under force. But men can change simply.

Of Course, many people, so many are the opinions. Someone like unshaven guys, and some don't. Someone is quite willing to tolerate the stiff bristles on the cheeks of a loved one, and in others it is irritating. Representatives  of the stronger sex should not only consider fashion trends and his own opinion, which may be erroneous, but wishes ladies heart.

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