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It just So happened among the female half of the inhabitants of the Earth that we are always doing something different with your hair, and sometimes the changes are drastic in nature. Blondes become brunettes, brunettes blondes, curls straighten, and straight hair frizz.

Brazilian blowout hairNow to find a wavy hair can be much easier than a few years ago: the traditional "chemistry" replaced the Brazilian blowout hair. Gone damaged harmful means of hair and unpredictable result, in their place came the natural beauty unruly strands - this is the effect of biozavivki.

What is a Brazilian blowout hair

The Revolutionary formulas of compounds for the formation of curls when such permanent allow you to preserve your hair as possible when Curling. The traditional means replace analogs of a protein called cystine, which is contained in human hair. He has replaced ammonia, which was formerly an integral part of almost all means to change the structure and color of the curls.

Unlike the traditional "chemistry", Brazilian blowout hair can be used on coloured, weak or fine hair. Rests it's a miracle hairdressing for about six months, depending on hair care and how to quickly grow your hair. After biozavivki you will need to change their habits when washing hair and makeup to complement some special tools.

What is Brazilian blowout hairThe Rods, which will form your curls can be of different sizes, depending on the effect you want to achieve: if you wish, the wizard can even use several types of curlers with different diameters to give the hairstyle a more natural look. Biowave is good because sometimes you can align the strands with a hair dryer or flat iron, if you want the effect of smooth hair, but just don't do it too often in order to keep their tresses from drying out.


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How to make biozavivku at home

To be honest, it does. Brazilian blowout hair treatment is a special expensive ingredients and wizard that will help you regain hair, must undergo special training. If you decided to do this procedure at home, you will not be able to do it yourself or with the help of a friend-hairdresser. Will have to find a real professional to Brazilian blowout hair managed.

Given the characteristics of your curls manufacturers of salon cosmetics produced several compositions for Curling:

  • Hair;
  • For natural hair;
  • Not susceptible to frizz, hair elastic.

With the desired concentration and composition means for biozavivki the work of the master over your hairstyle, and the right to determine and achieve excellent result is possible only because of special training, so once again I want to remind you about the importance of having special skills of your hairdresser!

Care after a Perm curls

Brazilian blowout hair treatmentBrazilian blowout hair implies a cabin repair and home treatments. You will require funds from split ends and hair care products, conditioners, masks, and tools for curly hair. Gently comb your hair, use special gels and oils for the formation of curls. Also recommended it to dry naturally without using hair dryer or the cold air stream and be sure to use a diffuser.

This kind of permanent have become very popular among film stars and singers. In our country the price of this service varies in the range of 1000-4000 rubles, and this means that you can realize your dream of a luxurious mane or modest curls can each woman. And let the new look will bring many compliments and admiring glances.

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