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Why does the skin on the body becomes flabby, taking the beauty and reminding us of the age? Is there a way to deal with this trouble? Does it make sense? Are there ways to reclaim the beauty of your own body?

From the beginning and tell our readers: the skin can be firmer! Set a goal, reasonable calculating time and some effort, you can achieve the desired results. Therefore, the problem of sagging skin of arms, legs and abdomen can safely be considered solved: it is a healthy person. Now need to determine the motivation (why bother to bring the body in order) to understand the causes of sagging and choose the most affordable methods of struggle.

Beautiful body – health, self-esteem, happy personal life, you know how you maintain your fitness. (It's a question of motivation).

Causes of sagging of the body, in fact, two: the physiological changes in the body (pregnancy, age, certain diseases) and laziness. The second reason we will not even consider. But with the first it can be overcome.

Details about cosmetic methods to combat sagging skin read: How to get rid of sagging skin

Some of the most effective techniques that you could use yourself. But remember, before you seriously take on your body, you should still consult with a good doctor. Some procedures (for example, bath and massage) require confidence that your vessels and joints will not fall victim to the beauty…

You should Also understand that the day you your body youth will not return. Tune in to strict mode in the first three weeks (21 days – the optimal period for forming new habits), and to further the regular repetition of procedures. And then the beauty, health, and energy you provided!

Monday. Start your day with Jogging. It is an effective tool that allows you to restore the turgor of the skin and keep it in good shape. 15-20 minutes of Jogging is sufficient to support active blood supply of the subcutaneous tissue. And run better in the direction of the nearest pool. For pass.

Tuesday. After returning from a morning jog, you should do two important things: to have Breakfast-fresh juice instead of coffee and cereal instead of a sandwich (from this morning Breakfast is a must!), and plan your regime, given the use of the pool every two days. Swimming is able to restore the skin of hands and feet elasticity in no time!

Wednesday. It's time to finally get out of the closet the hula-Hoop and use it for its intended purpose. Daily classes for 10 minutes is noticeably tightened the skin on your stomach by the end of the second week.

Thursday. You can use this day bath. Let Thursday you will have a “clean”, and the habit of the weekly visit to the sauna will remain for years to come. This procedure gives the skin elasticity, has a lot of other useful qualities. Especially if you take a birch broom, a flask of healing potions and the company of like-minded people.

Friday. Yesterday's bath cleaned the body, removed the dead cells, and now in their place appear new, young skin. Will help the body to restore the beauty mask for problem areas on the body. To do this, take a white or blue clay – ancient and highly effective cosmetic. Once the habit of doing this mask once a week will be generated, the beauty of the skin you provided.

Saturday. Today, pamper yourself, adding to already become familiar to you procedures a bath with aromatic oils. Wrong those who do not believe that essential oils do not help in the return of beauty. Help, help! Most importantly — to know how and what to use. Grapefruit, juniper and orange oil can work wonders and when you add them to the bath, and used as a Supplement to massage basis.

Sunday. Relax. Allow yourself something delicious, summarize, Pat yourself on the back for a well-spent week. And before tomorrow to start over, consider what else you could add to your new healthy regime? What you might like and benefit?

As the most effective means for tightening loose skin, getting rid of cellulite (cellulite look here: How to get rid of cellulite?) and reduce the volume of the body enter into the mode of physical activity: bodyflex or occisis — not so long ago appeared highly effective methods that would pretty battered shape quickly turn to the sports body. There are techniques that are rooted in anger management  - all of these ways to start is just to read, but if you feel that they are suitable to adopt. The most important thing – it is not to lose sight of its primary goal, the return of skin elasticity, and what you will use the funds (if they have health benefits), it does not matter.

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