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Famous sayings about the movie today hearing from many. Watching movies and series is an integral part of the life of any modern man. Rare to meet people who are not interested in such leisure. In the evening, came home after work, so nice to plunge into a dream world with their own personal story and adventures. Statements about cinema in order to recognize the intrinsic value of quality films that live on for years and decades. People who know how to appreciate your own feelings, will be able to distinguish a quality product from one that does not justify the time expenditure.

“the Movie should make the viewer forget that he is sitting in the chair" (R. Polanski)

If the movie we like, it flies like a minute. During a demonstration of powerful scenes people usually empathizes with the hero, finds some similarities with him. Statements about the movie help the individual to realize what she spends her time, what lives.

comments about movie

After all, Sometimes we watch something just because nothing else to do, find another alternative. In fact, you should be very careful approach to the choice of a movie to understand that he is able to bring us back. When the audience is most concentrated on the events occurring on the screen, then the product was really successful. Statements about the movie famous people emphasize this idea.

“People come to the cinema to share the same dream" (B. Bertolucci)

If you think about it, we all tend to look for the on-screen images are a reflection of our own feelings. People watch movies to escape, to forget their own problems. Many people tend to see in fictional characters own traits, similar views on life and beliefs.


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remarks on Russian cinema

So the movie can be thought of as a kind of mirror, which reflects the individual view of the world and about yourself. Today everyone has the opportunity to watch the films closest to his heart. Statements about the movie is always very precisely confirm the idea of the need to build grandiose plans and dreams.

“film-drama – when people cry" (F. Capra)

Some of the role affects the person so badly that he could not restrain his own feelings. If what is happening on screen too much in contact with the inner content of personality, then there are reciprocal emotions. They form a kind of connection, and a desire to watch these films many times. To cause the viewer to tears, it is necessary to try very much. Today people for the most part spoiled by the variety of different programs and programs, so it is difficult something to surprise. The film needs to be so vivid and memorable, to leave a good impression. Statements about the movie is always endowed with strong emotions, which are formed at the time of watching your favorite movies.

“Acting in a bad movie – the same as to spit into eternity" (F. Ranevskaya)

I guess Nobody will argue with the fact that a work of art remains relevant at any time. If the product is really high quality, it wants to go constantly. Such films are known and loved by the whole country. They touch the deepest feelings in our heart, give positive emotions allow you to believe in their own prospects and opportunities. When we have bad mood, we include a favorite picture and enjoy that fictional reality that is happening on the screen.

famous sayings about movies

At the same time it becomes easier, manages to defeat the sadness and feeling of hopelessness. Poor quality films disappoint the audience, are forced to seek other methods of leisure, spoil the mood. Picture that look only once, of course, is not worth the effort of the actors. Statements of great people about the movie support the idea of its huge importance in everyday life.

“There are roles in the movies that you like through a meat grinder skip» (Yelena Ksenofontova)

You Need to understand that the creation of the movie – it is very time-consuming process. In order to light a real difference, you need to work tirelessly, sometimes forgetting about the rest. Real movies, loved by millions, so cling to the soul that the viewer begins to some extent personify themselves with the onscreen characters. It takes them the problems of reality and sees full compliance with their own difficulties. Remarks on Russian cinema always involve tremendous efforts and unceasing labor. Films of domestic origin are recognized by our countrymen as a more sincere and congenial. This is because the experiences of the characters are completely understandable.

statements about the movie famous people

Thus, these statements allow you to see a high degree of importance of this art form as cinema. Each person has favorite movies and characters.

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