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Written in 1836 by Pushkin novel ‘the captain's daughter" is a logical continuation of the theme "small character" of ordinary people, which can not boast of great wealth, influence, or serious relationships. The main character is close to the people, has a positive character qualities, good, fair. In the basis of the story is the rebellion led by Pugachev, but Pushkin did not set itself the aim to recreate historical events, their background, he described the life stories of ordinary people.

General characteristics Grineva

features Grineva and SabrinaPyotr Grinyov comes from a noble family, but his parents are poor, so he grew up in an atmosphere of provincial-local life. The hero can not boast a good education, it is recognized that ROS ignoramus. Because my father was a retired military man, and Peter became an officer. This is a conscientious, gentle, kind and fair man looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. Over time, the illusions disappear, and he also understands how really the world works.

Because Of the moral sense and good education even of the most complex and dangerous situations out unharmed Peter Grins. Characteristics of the hero shows his rapid spiritual growth. The man was able to read in Masha Mironova moral personality and pure soul, he had the courage to apologize to serf Savelyevich, Peter saw in Pugachev is not just a rebel but a just and generous man realized how low and despicable is Shvabrin. Despite the terrible events that happened during the internecine struggle, Greene managed to keep the honor, humanity and dedication to his ideals.


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General characteristics Sabrina

brief characteristics Sabrina and GrinevaFeatures Grineva and Sabrina allow the reader to understand who is who really. Alexei Ivanovich by birth a gentleman, he is quickened, dark, not very handsome. At the time of arrival Grineva in Belgorod fortress Shvabrin I served there for five years, it was moved here for the killing. Everything speaks of his meanness, arrogance and callousness. At the first meeting with Peter Alexei Ivanovich introduces him to the inhabitants of the fortress, echoing all with contempt and sarcasm.

Shvabrin very smart and much more educated Grineva, but there's no kindness. This character is compared with a tumbleweed field, a man without family, only knew how to adapt to different circumstances. He was not loved and was not expecting, but he doesn't need anyone. At the end of the story black hair Sabrina after experienced unrest grayer, but his soul remained black, envious and spiteful.

Comparative characteristics of Grineva and Sabrina

feature Sabrina and Peter GrinevaEvery story needs to be the antagonist of the protagonist. If Pushkin created the image of Sabrina, spiritual growth Grineva would not be so noticeable, besides it would be impossible the development of a love line between Mary and Peter. Writer in all contrasts of two young officers of noble origin. Brief characteristics Sabrina and Grineva shows that even the service in the fortress they came for different reasons. Peter here to serve were sent by the father to the offspring smelled of gunpowder, was in the army. Alexis in the Belogorsky fortress was exiled for the murder of Lieutenant.

The Expression “duty” each of the characters understands differently. Sabrina who still serve, if only he was good. During the rebellion of Pugachev Alex immediately went over to the rebels, forgetting about the oath and honor. Green under pain of death refuses to swear allegiance to the rebels, but he was saved by a natural kindness. The fact that he gave Pugachev hare sheepskin and filed a glass of wine, and he pays with gratitude and preserves the life of Peter.

A bone of contention for the characters was the captain's daughter. Grinev and Shvabrin fell in love with Masha, but their love is very different. Peter composes for girls poems, and Alexey criticize them, spreading to the nines. This is understandable, because he actually likes Maria, but is a genuinely loving person could put his beloved in a bad light and to recommend to the opponent to get her earrings instead of poetry, so she went out to him in the twilight.

Relationship Sabrina and Mary

Peter grins featureAlexey I. like the captain's daughter, he cares for her, but when it is denied, dissolve about her dirty and false rumors. This person is not capable of sincere, kind and pure feelings, he needs only Mary as a beautiful doll that you can remake in their own way. Features Grineva and Sabrina show how it is different from each other. Peter never allowed himself to slander or force to something his beloved.

Alex – a despicable and cowardly acts detours. In a duel, he shot Grinyov in the back, then told the parents of Peter on the game to those forbade his son to marry Mary. After the transition to the side of Pugachev Shvabrin uses his power, causing the girl to become his wife. Even at the end he could not prevent the happiness Grineva and Mironova, so to slander Peter.

Relationships and Masha Grineva

comparative characteristics of Grineva and SabrinaPyotr Andreyevich feeds to the captain's daughter most bright and clean feeling. It is all stuck to the Mironov family, became his home. The young girl immediately attracted to the officer, but he tried to act delicately composed to her poems to win the heart of beauty. Features Grineva and Sabrina give an idea of the concept of honor between these two men.

Aleksei Ivanovich wooed to mironovoj, but was refused, he could not with dignity admit defeat, so all the forces trying to tarnish the reputation of the girl. Grinev, in turn, protects his beloved, causing the enemy to a duel. Peter is ready to give up life for the sake of Masha, at the risk, he rescues a girl from prison Sabrina, removes it from the fortress. Even on the court he tries not to stain Mironova, although he faces a life sentence. This behavior says about the nobility of the hero.

Relationship to Pugachev Grineva

Pyotr Andreyevich did not approve of the actions of the rebels and zealously protects them from the fortress, during the execution of the officers he refuses to swear allegiance to Pugachev, because it served the Empress. However, Greene admires the generosity, justice, and the organizational skills of the leader of the rebels. The hero of Pugachev have their own, somewhat strange, but friendly relationship based on mutual respect. The rebel remembers the kindness Grineva and repay him the same. Even Peter and went over to the side of Pugachev, but he remains on his good opinion.

Relationship to Pugachev Sabrina

the captain's daughter, Grinev and ShvabrinFeature Sabrina and Peter Grineva shows a different attitude to honor these military officers. If the main character and the death penalty did not want to betray the Empress, Alexei Ivanovich is the most important own life. As soon as the Pugachev encouraged the officers to go to it, Shvabrin immediately to the side of the rebels. For this person nothing is sacred, at the right moment he is always ready to tripped the other, therefore the recognition of the power of the rebels is nothing more than an attempt to save his life.

Spiritual formation hrinova and drop Sabrina

Throughout the novel the reader watches over the spiritual growth of the protagonist. Features Grineva and Sabrina speak for themselves: if Alex nothing is sacred, he is prepared to step over anyone to achieve his goal, Peter conquers his generosity, kindness, honesty and humanity.


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