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Rock festivals are one of the favorite places of recreation for the fans of heavy music. In warm time of the year around the world young people regularly gathered in a single place, to relax and to live to see your favorite artists. rock festivalsThese festivals long ago went beyond the usual musical show into a veritable subculture. The most important concerts of the year attracts fans from around the world.


The First rock festivals began to be held more than fifty years ago. Initially they were very different from today. In attendance were unknown to the broad masses of the group. And the organization and conduct of the festival itself cannot be controlled by the authorities.

But after ten years the situation has seriously changed. Rock festivals began to attract more and more young people. During the show, sold unlimited alcohol. Also some people brought drugs.

The drive Atmosphere caused by heavy music, as well as the state of mass inebriation often led to disastrous consequences. Excited the young people were quite aggressive, getting into fights and arranging acts of vandalism. In the police arrived often flew a variety of items.


None of the festival could not happen without the detention of several dozen people and calling ambulances. So gradually law enforcement agencies began to take rock festivals under their control. But security is not the main reason which has induced the authorities to take this step.Nashestvie rock festival Large corporations and enterprising people have noticed that every year the festivals gather tens of thousands of people. This means a huge opportunity for profit.


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Started the first commercial festivals. Some firm has paid the musicians royalties and did other organizational issues. It got a good profit from ticket sales and retail. After a while rock festivals in the United States took a very important place in the socio-cultural environment. The dream of almost every youngster to attend such event.

In Addition to the classic festivals are also charitable. They first appeared in the eighties, during the spread of pacifist ideas among young people. The American invasion of Vietnam was a catalyst of radical movements. Began to organize a concert in support of world peace or for the sake of helping sick children and so on. Typically, the initiator is one rock band. The festival was appointed for several months prior to the date of the meeting. During this time other groups could apply to participate.


Usually, the festival lasts several days, usually three. To avoid misunderstandings with the local population and other problems, the show takes place in the desert, far from urban agglomeration. Rock festivals of the summer have high safety standards. The organizers are obliged to provide all visitors of water and medical personnel.

At a rock festival are usually similar in genre performers. For example, at the fest Hellfest live bands playing in the genre of Mosh Beatdown hardcore. Thus, the event attracts the largest number of admirers of this direction. As rock music often carries a social or political context, festivals are often going as a protest against anything. So, in the eighty-ninth year, was held in Moscow's famous "Musicians for peace", attended by tens of thousands of people.

Potential problems

Those who are going to visit this event, it should be remembered that it involves a number of hazards.rock festivals of the summer As the venue of the show is far from the city, you need to take as much water and non-perishable food. There are shops and stalls, but all them can stretch for hundreds of meters. Such problems regularly accompany "Invasion". The rock festival is held for more than seven years, and during that time there have been many unpleasant situations. Several times there were problems with the water, which could not deliver on time.

Tips for visitors

Wear is the most comfortable clothing that will not fall off during active movements. At such festivals like "Woodstock" often occurs moshpit - hardcore element of dance when a huge number of people running in a circle, performing random movements of the limbs. If you have never participated in such, it is better to stay away from the a rock festival perform Also put all the valuables in your bag or pockets because at a furious pace, they can simply fall out. At some festivals allowed stagediving - jumping from the stage into the crowd. They are doing as musicians, and attendees. The jump is not usually associated with great risk, but most likely you will lose their comrades. So before the festival it is better to decide on a meeting place in case of unforeseen situations.

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