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The Circus in Saratov there since the 19th century. Its origins were the brothers Nikitin. Today, the circus you can see an interesting show, often in the city on tour come celebrities with their programs.

History of the circus

the Saratov circus playbill

The Circus in Saratov appeared in 1873. Then the owner of the traveling troupe of Emanuel Beranek, becoming older suggested a famous Russian artists - the brothers Nikitin to be his companions. They have given their consent and have created a unique program, which is carried throughout the province. Soon E. Baranek sold your brothers circus fully. Nikitin became the first Russian entrepreneurs. Soon, from a travelling circus in Saratov became stationary. After the establishment of Soviet power it became a state.

In 1931, for the circus was built a new building and a hostel for artists and animal premises.

There began his creative activity clown “Pencil” Oleg Popov, animal trainer Mstislav Zapashny, and Walter and many other artists.

In 1970, Saratov circus was announced as one of the best in the country.

Director of the troupe since 1999, I. G. Kuzmin.


circus tickets Saratov

"the Spanish Bullfight", "tropical show", "the White lions of Africa", "Show polar bears" - such an interesting program presented its viewers this season the circus (Saratov). Billboard it 4 June and for the entire summer season offers represent the city in a unique company. This is a “Royal circus GII Eradze”. Show that has no analogues in the world. The program lasts nearly three hours. During this time, the arena will be more than a hundred artists and a large number of trained animals.


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The show uses grandiose scenery - gorgeous castle of enormous size, and studded with Swarovski crystals the piano, which suddenly turns into a fountain. For the play was made two thousand of luxurious costumes. Artists perform complicated, just unimaginable stunts.

The Program GII Eradze in 2015 was officially declared the best and won the “Show”.

Saratov the performances will take place all summer long - every weekend.

The ticket Price from 600 to 2000 rubles. Children up to three years are skipped for free, if it is presented on the birth certificate.

"the circus Princess"

The Circus in Saratov organizes its own competition. It is held annually since 1998 with the participation of a circus artist from different cities.

This year, the competition has reached the international level. To take part in it came artist different genres from Ethiopia, USA, Australia, China, Colombia, Italy and other countries. The name of the contest "the circus Princess".

In 2016, it took place from 21 to 24 April. It involved, as already an experienced master of the arena, and Debs. Evaluation criteria artists are: the quality of the trick, the complexity of the performances, the artistry of the performer and the originality of the staging. In 2016 members of the jury were: Gia Eradze (Deputy General Director of “unique”), Nikolay Kobzov, Fabio Montico (President of the festival “Chita di latina”) and Philippe Agoge (casting Director of the legendary circus ‘Cirque Du Soleil".


Tickets to the circus (Saratov) can be purchased at the box office and on the official website online. The auditorium plan, which is presented in this article will help you to choose the most convenient places.

the circus in SaratovTicket Price varies from 600 to 2000 rubles, depending on the number and sector.

For children under three years - the presentation is free. A separate place in the auditorium of a small child is not available. Upon entering the room, you need to have a copy or the original birth certificate as proof that the age of the child falls into the free category.

At the box office tickets can be purchased daily. The mode of operation from 10:00 am to 19:00 PM. On the website you can buy tickets at any convenient for you time.

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