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Dean Morgan is an actor, in most cases, the second plan. He starred in many pictures, but the main role was played only in few of them. The real fame he gained with the role of Nigana in the acclaimed series "the Walking Dead", although before starred in various films.

Early career

The First role Dean Morgan on the screen was still in the old American series, which now few remember. These include “Walker, Texas Ranger» and «Ambulance». At the beginning of the two thousandth years, the actor was seen in the famous serial tapes. For example, "Star trek: enterprise", where Morgan played a guy by the name of Xindi Reptilian or a famous detective narrative "C. S. I.: crime scene investigation". There he got the role of an undercover agent named bill Nolan.

It is also Worth noting his role in the initial seasons of the series “Supernatural”, which now has more than ten of them and at one time was at the peak of popularity. In between filming the series, Morgan appeared in the films “Six”, “angel” and “Return of the dead”.

Dean Morgan

Participation in different films

After 2006, Dean Morgan almost every year was seen in the particular film. During this period, his first films were “Kalwi”, “Fred Claus, Santa's brother” and “death in the air”. The latter tells the story of the TV show where people play to the death for $ 5 million, and all this is broadcasted on the screen.

A year later, the actor starred as Patrick Sullivan with Uma Thurman in the film “the Accidental husband". In 2009, Dean Morgan plays the role of a comedian – one of the superheroes in the film “Guardians”. Prada, kill him in the beginning of the film, but he appears in the memories of different characters and is a Central personality. After this film career of actor went up, and Dean began to invite in various projects.


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In the same year, he starred as Dana in the film “Storming Woodstock”, and in 2010 - in two tapes. One is more known for the eponymous adaptation of the comic “Losers”. It is a story of unfairly fired employees of a branch of the American police. They have learned the secret organization and it was dismissed and now they want revenge. Dean in the movie got the role of Colonel clay.

movies with Dean Morgan

Most famous works

The Most famous TV shows and movies with Dean Morgan was filmed in the last 5-7 years. These include the eponymous remake of “Elusive” with Chris Hemsworth in the title role. There, the actor got the role of major Andrew Tanner. Three years later he was involved in the famous painting "Psychics", also starring Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins. Some time later, the actor tried on the cameo role of the father of the Dark Knight Thomas Wayne in the film ‘Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”.

Dean Morgan photo

Photo by Dean Morgan on the set of Zack Snyder can be found online. From the TV series in recent years, it is worth noting “Shameless”, where Morgan played Charlie Peters in two seasons in a row. Fans of “Walking dead” watching this film series for all seven seasons, the actor known for his role as Nigana. He is the leader of the group “Savior” in Washington. By nature, this person is cruel and willing to do anything for the survival of their people, ready to step even over humanity.

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