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"Gifted" - feature film released on the big screens in April 2017. The film was shot by Director Marc Webb, previously involved in directing the romantic Comedy "500 days of summer" and the novels "the New Spider-Man". In this article you can find information about the actors of the movie "the Gifted" in 2017, and also about the plot of the films. I hope this information will be useful to you.

gifted 2017 film actors


Before I talk about the actors of the movie "the Gifted" in 2017, it is necessary to know the plot of this picture.

The Action of the film takes place in a small town, located near the coast of Sunny Florida. In the center of the story is a regular guy named Frank Adler. The main character lives not alone, but together with the young niece of Mary, on which he took guardianship after the death of his sister. Despite the fact that Mary is not his own daughter, Frank is doing everything possible to ensure that she felt truly happy child. In the education of girls he actively helps best friend Robert, who also wants only the best for Mary.

It has turned out that Mary – not the ordinary girl. Despite the fact that she's only 7 years old, she has amazing abilities and skills which distinguish it from other children of the same age. The fact that Mary – a real mathematical genius. In her younger years, she shows just phenomenal results in the calculations and solutions of problems, thus significantly ahead of their same age in the field of knowledge. Such talent could not remain unnoticed and soon the girl draws the attention of her school teacher named Bonnie.


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Amazed at the awesome abilities of Mary, she persuades Frank to continue to develop her talent for mathematics. But the guardian of the girl adheres to absolutely other opinion. Frank wishes that his niece had a real childhood with all the joys of this carefree time, but because he doesn't want the girl days sat at the textbooks of mathematics.

movie gifted 2017

The Film "Gifted" 2017 takes an unexpected turn when the Central characters suddenly arrives and grandma Mary. Unlike Frank, who at any cost wants to enclose the baby from the exhausting study and exploitation of its abilities by adults, grandmother of the girl, on the contrary, wants to develop her level of intelligence. She believes that Mary should not be in school for normal children, because it kills a phenomenal mathematical talent of her granddaughter. According to her, the girl fundamentally need to change the environment and the General approach to learning.

That's just the main heroine of the film "Gifted" 2017 totally disagree with his unexpected relative. But grandma, as it turns out, is not going to give up so easily, she continues to stand on his own. Unfortunately, now the Adler will have to prove in court that he is the guardian, which is so necessary little Mary.

Actors and the role of the film "Gifted" 2017

The film boasts not only an interesting and intriguing storyline, but still a good cast. In addition to the famous Hollywood actor Chris Evans, who played superhero Captain America in kynoselen company marvel, in the film there are other talented artists. Just below is the list of actors of the movie "the Gifted" in 2017.

Central characters

Chris Evans – Frank Adler. The main character, uncle Mary Adler and part of her foster father.

McKenna grace – Mary Adler. Girl genius, outstripping the level of development of their peers. Her mother Diana died under tragic circumstances, what custody of her took the character of Chris Evans.

Lindsay Duncan – Evelyn Adler. Grandmother Mary, who at any cost wants to develop the intelligence of her granddaughter.

Jenny slate – Bonnie. The teacher, who teaches the class Mary.

Octavia Spencer – Robert. A neighbor and friend of the protagonist.

gifted 2017 film actors and roles

Interesting facts

You already know about the actors of the film "Gifted" 2017 release, and the plot of this picture. We would also like to tell you about a few interesting stories and facts associated with this film. For sure they will interest viewers who have already seen this movie.

  1. Jenny slate and Octavia Spencer are not the first time on a film set. Before that, the actress took part in creating the animated film "Zeropolis".
  2. During the filming of the picture between Chris Evans and Jenny slate began a romantic relationship. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the couple broke up a year later.
  3. Despite the fact that the film's story take place in the small town of Florida, the shooting took place in Georgia in the territory of Savannah.

movie reviews 2017 gifted viewers

Film "Gifted" 2017: the responses of the audience

What the critics, that the usual audience as a whole very positive about the given picture. Many praised the touching and dramatic story, good acting, nice characters, as well as the direction and musical accompaniment of the films.

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