How to draw a girl with a pencil in stages?


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The Image of people on paper is not so simple a form of artistic play and requires some training. Try to understand and to learn how to draw a beautiful girl with a pencil.

Learn to draw a female figure

Pencil Sketch – the lesson interesting and always exciting. In order to learn how to draw pencil girl , you need to consider all the proportions of the human body.

The painting Stages:

  • Composition start with marking the main lines and circles (the head represented in the form of an oval, outline the neck with a line, add the elements of the hips, waist, arms and legs).
  • After you draw the main facial features (eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips), and the shape of hair.
  • Dorisovyvaet upper body (shoulders, Breasts and arms).
  • Draw the lower part of the figure (allocated thighs, legs, and the line of bending of the waist).
  • Planned light lines the outlines of the clothes.
  • Define the direction of light and shadow in the work.
  • Light dashed lines apply to the lighter parts of the figure. Allocated to the darker tones eyes, lips and nose.
  • Observe a gradual transition from light touches to more intense color. Try to leave the light spots (glare) in the untouched pencil.
  • The Result of the work should be beautiful, three-dimensional sketch with the proportions of the human body. How to draw pencil girl

Face and hands in the picture people

Portrait – graphic image of a person taking into account his individual characteristics for which it is easy to learn. This is the most difficult genre in the visual arts.

How to draw pencil girl Maintaining Inherent individuality? For an artist it is very important to display a person's eyes, face and hands to convey the similarity with the original. Hand in a sketch, play an important role. They help to Express the joy, sadness, thoughtfulness. They're on their knees, the nice support person or formed in any other gesture. Paired with face hands convey the human condition at the time of drawing.

To Draw a portrait of you with a live person or from photographs. To simplify your task in the initial stages of learning to work better to take the finished image. How to draw a portrait of a girl pencil

Features female portrait

In order to understand how to draw pencil girl, remember that it is characterized by flowing curves of the body, more soft and delicate facial features. Therefore, the picture must be sharp and rough lines, which are relevant for the image of the male figure.


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How to draw a portrait of a girl pencil:

  • On a sheet of paper depicted the oval face thin pencil lines. The main task will be to layout the proportions of the face. It should be made as accurate as possible, otherwise, it's a completely different person, and our task – to create a recognizable female form.
  • Denoted by the ears and the shape of hair to work with.
  • Eye – an important detail. They reveal the nature and essence of the person (sad, funny, naughty). The proposed eye and eyebrow, given the proportions (length, width, elevation century).
  • Represented in proportion to the nose, given the length, width and shape of the nostrils.
  • The Planned oval lips and draw them up the volume (plump, medium, thin).
  • Light lines emitted bright parts of the image (the external part of the face and hair), more dense strokes imposed in the dark (inner part of hair, folds of the eyelids, pupils, eyelashes, nostrils, cheekbones faces). How to draw a beautiful girl with a pencil

To Draw a woman is not easy, but quite exciting. Therefore, to understand how to draw pencil girl, not only need to learn how to pass a resemblance to the original, but to try to show the character with a smile, expressive eyes and gestures.

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