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Gail foreman – popular writer. Translated into many languages of novels and stories by American author. What works come to mind, first of all, in the name of Gayle Forman? The book “one day” and “If I stay”. The description of one of them is presented in the article.

Gayle Forman

About the author

Gayle Forman worked as a journalist, wrote articles for youth magazines. But after round-the-world trip, which she made together with her husband, decided to devote himself to literature. Writer interested in the lives of people under the age of twenty years. It teenagers most of the works devoted Gayle Forman.

“one day” – the book is about a little girl, in which there was a meeting that changed her fate. The author also reflects their own feelings, which she experienced while traveling in 2002. The most famous to date, the work of Gail foreman – “If I stay”.

Genre originality

The Book is compared to a bestseller Ellis Siebold. But in the novel “the Lovely bones" talking about experiences of girls who died from the hands of a maniac. In the book, Gayle Forman presented the thoughts and memories of seventeen year old girl who is in a coma. The artwork is lovingly genre-fiction novel. But there's a deep psychological subtext. What is the reason for the success of the novel? Why book about a girl who dwells between life and death, became a best seller?

Gayle Forman books

"If I stay"

MIA – a young and talented cellist. Music in family life is not the last place. But the girl did not similar to their parents. They are people active, communicative, modern, love rock music. And they are much surprised, when MIA announced his desire to become a cellist. However, the choice of his daughter approved.


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Under the bed gathering dust MIA's collection of classical music. About it it is a long time never told my boyfriend Adam. After all, modern girls don't listen to the works of Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.

Gayle Forman if I stay

The Memories fly in my head girl at the time, when she is on the verge of death. She thinks about his parents, brother Adam and best friend Kim. The heroine of the novel Gayle Forman was just starting to live. She experienced first love, passionately studied music, spent a lot of time with his girlfriend.

Memories of a happy life is contrasted with the description of a hospital ward. Thoughts about the past are interspersed with reflections about life and death. This technique of narration makes the novel Forman very insightful. The author thus shows the lives of ordinary people who hardly realize how happy. In order to appreciate what you have, you have to lose everything.

Gayle Forman just one day

Most of the thoughts MIA takes Adam. She's only seventeen, but she loves for real. However, at some point music lessons develop into something more serious, and she starts to think about whether to go to College in new York. This means that Adam will have to leave. Everyone should be to go through life his own way. Perhaps the way MIA and Adam break up. Seventeen years old-an awkward age for love.

Between heaven and earth

Open pneumothorax. This is a terrible and incomprehensible phrase uttered by the emergency doctor, when the lifeless body of the girl was taken to the hospital. The soul of MII is accompanied everywhere by the doctors, who are fighting for her life. From them she learns that, in addition to the pneumothorax, she has a lot of injuries. And MIA starts to ponder whether she should come around. Does she have to stay?

Teddy will never grow, will not fall in love, get married and become a father. MIA, which by the time of the accident he lived for seventeen years, has seen more than her brother. Think about this girl, or rather her soul is wandering around the hospital corridors. She was not sure that he wants to live. And the more MIA is convinced that he must follow his parents and brother, more difficult it becomes for doctors to fight for her life.

Visit Her grandparents. Comes to MIA's friend Kim. But the main man is her Adam. It depends on whether they want MIA to stay. Because only he will be able to convince the girl that, despite the death of loved ones, she must live. And she remains.

A Light and lively language sets his story Gayle Forman. The book tells about the tragic events, but they are places without excess sentimentality. Namely, such a style makes literary work especially heartfelt and sincere.

“Where she went”

This book is a continuation of the novel described above. According to reader feedback, the previous work although it has some incompleteness, has a harmonious and captivating story. Fans of Gayle Forman was upset a lot by reading the sequel “If I stay”. In content, it is inferior to the best-seller.

In the book “Where did she go” question about the relationship of Adam and MIA. But this time the events take place several years after the ill-fated crash. Adam has become a rock star. MIA has dedicated his life to classical music. The characters meet in new York. Perhaps the continuing of the book Gayle Forman is not worth writing. At least, so I think readers who are disappointed in the novel “Where she went”.


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