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The focus of this article is the airport in Corfu (Greece). You will find a lot of interesting information about the air gate of the island, as well as useful tips about how to get from the plane to the vacation spot and how best to pass the time before departure. Despite the fact that this hub receives regular flights in the tourist season (which is from April to October) his work was especially arduous due to the large number of charters. Not to be lost in the crowd, it is useful to have an idea about the structure of the airport. beach

How to get to the island of Corfu

The Airport of Corfu, Ioannis Kapodistrias, unfortunately, does not accept regular flights from Russia. Would have to fly via Athens. Direct links to Corfu island can be reached only at the height of tourist season in one of the charters that depart from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. But Corfu airport is connected by frequent regular flights to the capital Athens. Of the major cities of Western Europe you can also fly to the island direct. In Greece there are several major airlines, so tickets are easier to buy for metapoiskoviki, like Aviasales. Sometimes the prices are lower than at the box office from the direct carriers.Corfu airport


The First airport on the island of Corfu was built in 1937 for military aircraft. During the Second world war, he especially was not used for peaceful purposes. There was a base of Italian and German air forces. And only in 1949 from the airport of Corfu went to Athens first passenger flight. He carried the Greek company TAE Greek National Airlines. Long time hub could not fully accept civilian aircraft, as I had a long enough runway. This obstacle was removed in 1959, and in 1962 built the first terminal for passengers. In 1965 he was awarded the title “Corfu international airport”. Its name he received from John capodistrias, a native of the island and the first Governor of independent Greece. But because the airport is not far from Corfu town, many locals call it that way. And finally, in 1972, was built by the second terminal.


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General information

The international airport of Corfu is a place of registry of the aircraft of companies and Aegean Airlines Ellinair. Passengers are served by two terminals. Sleeves they have. On boarding passengers are transported apron buses. In General, a hub is not impressive for its size. Everything is simple here, at home. However, this airport manages to take more than two million travelers annually. It is worth to mention once again the runway. In order to make civilian aircraft, it had to be extended from 800 meters to two kilometers. For this purpose, in the Gulf Halikiopoulou were raised mound. Just 500 yards from her stands the “Mouse Island” bus stop to the monastery of St. Mary of Blachernae. So the tour of the sights of Corfu begins with the landing of the aircraft.Corfu Airport called

Where and how to get to the city

Corfu international airport «Ioannis Kapodistrias” is located three kilometres South from the centre of the capital of the island of Corfu. The distance is small, but a taxi will cost you a pretty penny – about thirty euros. Bus service around the island by two of the company KTEL and municipal. From the private car green. They carry out transportation of passengers, not only Corfu island, but also other settlements of the island, and also (via the ferry) in other cities of Greece – Thessaloniki, Larissa, Athens. Blue buses – municipal. They go only through the streets of Corfu, stopping in the suburbs. Rooms 5 and 6 will take you to the bus station. The centre should route No. 19. It must be remembered that buses are scattered around the terminal, and need to wait for your route exactly where it's specified. The cost of travel in municipal transport - €1,10. Most urban routes are the final stop in Piazza San Rocco, Kanoni. And there are other blue buses for the towns of the island.Airport in Corfu Greece

Corfu Airport services

Both terminal equipped with everything necessary for comfortable travel. Otherwise the airport would not be awarded the title of international. However, prices in the shops, cafes and other services here are higher than in Corfu. Even in the duty-free Greek Souvenirs, wine, anisette, ouzo and olive oil are more expensive than in the city. Food prices in the cafes are the hub different from the average for the country as a half or even two times. Greek slowness affects registration, and pass inspection at the security. Therefore, the flight must arrive at the airport in advance. In the terminal there are ATMs, currency exchange offices, offices of car rental companies and travel agencies. However, their prices are also inflated. Taxi fares vary depending on time of day. For example, to the resort of Paleokastritsa is 25 kilometers from the airport, day trip will cost 35 euros a night – 50.

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