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Many of you probably have heard the term “cluster” in the economic sphere. But not all know and understand its exact meaning. To tourist activities such concept is also applicable.tourism cluster's


The Tourism cluster is an Association of organizations providing services in the field of tourism. In its composition, it has small and large firms, which are constantly interacting with each other. They are located at a single site within a single region. Work is conducted both at the internal (travel within the country) and outward (foreign travel).

Why do we need such associations

The Tourist business has a significant impact on the economy. Therefore, to underestimate its significance is not. For rapidly developing countries, tourism becomes a criterion of economic performance.

Tourism clusters in Russia today are created with the purpose of formation of competitive tourist services, using modern technologies of business dealing.

tourism clusters in Russia


The structure of the clusters is a hierarchical system. Lead link is the management company. The state gives her the authority to manage those or other economic territories. Relationships are based on partnerships. Depending on the directions of development of tourist cluster Is a financial support to the extent required.

The Management company, in turn, regulates the work of such units:

  • Tour operators;
  • Agency for the provision of tourism services;
  • Organization performing services for guests (hotels, boarding houses, sanatoria, etc.).

The Next step in the hierarchy are:


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  • Company on the organization of the transfer;
  • Catering (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.);
  • Places of leisure and recreation (parks, sports facilities, cinemas and other);
  • Outlets with Souvenirs;
  • Objects on repair of transport.

creation of tourist clusters


At the state level there are tasks that are imposed on such associations. In this case The tourism cluster – the concentration of national tourism components. It is supposed that the state will become the center of world tourism.

It is Also assumed that due to large work groups of enterprises belonging to a cluster will become more effective. Will be the development of new directions, incorporating innovative systems and technologies.

Creating a cluster is the picture about the region and its perspectives, encourages the promotion and creation of new elements in the structure.

And the cultural enterprises will help to draw attention to the problems of preservation of values. For Russia, the creation of tourist clusters Will be the impetus to improve the quality of tourist services.

Varieties and types

Depending on the destination distinguish between different types: entertainment, Museum, resort, environmental, and other clusters.

Large-scale parameters share the regional, local, national and TRANS-national enterprises (clusters). Larger ones can take a considerable territory and influence on the adjacent structures. The formation of clusters takes place either on purpose, or it is a historical structure.directions of development of tourist cluster

Russia experience

In July this year on the territory of our country decided to form tourism clusters 17. Create Is planned in such regions as Dagestan, Udmurtia, Karelia, Komi, Mari El Republic, the TRANS-Baikal and Krasnodar territory. Areas for the introduction of such associations are:

  • Novgorod;
  • Bryansk;
  • Volgograd;
  • Tula and others.

A Good potential for lake Baikal and the adjacent territory. They are interesting from the point of view of ecotourism. In turn, the formation of large associations in this zone will help to raise the standard of living of the local population and will be the impetus for the development of industrial structures. It is planned that the TRANS-Baikal area and new tourist The cluster will become a center of world tourism.

There are Good prospects in the regions of Vologda and Moscow regions. Old aristocratic mansions, monuments of architecture and history – it is able to generate interest from representatives of other States. It is only important to bring tourism to a decent level.

The Creation of clusters in regions such as Karelia, Altai, will also enhance their tourist attractiveness in the international arena.

Development of domestic tourism is important for the country's economy and international status. While the Russian tourism lags behind the level of other countries.17 tourist clusters

Global clusters

The Experience of many countries suggests that large integration contribute to the efficiency of the economy. Major centers: Asia, Europe (Western Europe) and North American. In European countries the tourism cluster – the developed system.

Due to the interaction of organizations with the state apparatus, tourism in a country like Italy, today has a modern developed tourist infrastructure. Monuments of historical and cultural heritage are carefully preserved. They have become the main attractions of the state. Actively uses all the latest achievements, what makes tourism attractive.

For Israel's tourist business is a key component. It brings 4 % of the GDP of the state. Business and medical tourism – that's what distinguishes Israel. In this country cluster is not simply an independent Association of individual companies, and a clear interaction of all bodies controlled by the public authorities.a new tourist cluster

A place

Regions unequally rich variety of recreational resources, therefore, the location of clusters unevenly.

They Often form in areas with a high concentration of attractions, both natural and artificial.

One of the factors could be the placement in a certain area with the aim of raising the economic level.

Distinctive features of the cluster

  • Geographically tied to a certain area.
  • Tourism cluster-is an open system, while the web has its own limited membership.
  • Cooperation within the cluster is based on social values and trust.
  • Compiles the organization to create a mutually reinforcing system. Creates a demand.
  • Is Based on competition and cooperation.
  • Generates a collective image of the future common tasks.

tourism cluster of the city

Example of the cluster. The Republic of Belarus

The Idea of this Association consists in the interaction of objects of different purposes. It includes food, museums, guest houses, souvenir shops. All participants signed a cooperation agreement on joint service of tourists. Developed in different directions: for students, seniors, foreign tourists. The organizers have created a peculiar set of ‘Wonders of Suinshine”. It includes: Malomoskovskaya Church, which is the fortress, the Palace of the Drucki-Lubecki, Rakowicka icon of the Mother of God. A distinctive feature of this region is a plantation of cork trees.

As you can see, the formation of such associations enables efficient communication and the development of the tourism industry. The region, which houses the tourist cluster, the city included in it, will definitely get a push to develop its infrastructure and improve living standards of the population. Need for a coherent approach to the activities, the formation of the financial base (by attracting sponsorship funds or state support), as well as the orientation of all components of the cluster self-development.


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